Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lego Ben 10 Spider Monkey

Was browsing Amazon and came across Ben10 Alien Force Lego, and thought that would be great for my 6-year old nephew. So I ordered it had it gift wrapped and waiting for an opportunity to give it to him.

This is first real Lego type toy that you have to build yourself, so we were sure how he would react. Well to say he loved it was an understatement. I think he spent almost an hour just staring at the pictures on the box and running around showing it to everyone.
When we finally opened it he insisted on making it himself instead of the usual make me do it. When he was completed I don’t think he let it out of his hand.

Now to the actual review, I must saw this thing really took me by surprise. It looks great sorry I didn't have a chance to take pictures. The degree of pose-ability is crazy on this guy with 19 points of articulation all ball joints. He is also a great size too. Perfect for 6-year olds of any age to play with.

Also in the back of the instruction booklet there are images of combined aliens made from combining various other Ben 10 Alien sets, Or also you can just make your own and let you imagination run wild. It wasn't long before my nephew was rearranging his arm lengths.
So in closing I’ll definitely be getting more for him and will probably pick up one or two for myself.

You can’t go wrong with Lego.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Speck iPhone 3G/3GS CandyShell - DarkHeart Black

Since I got my iPhone i've been concerned of it getting scuffed or dropped and breaking. So i've spent some time ooking for a decent case. Before I found this, cases were either gigantic leather coffins or shells that were basically a wafer thin and offered no protection.

The Speck Candy Shell offers both padding and protecting, while looking good and maintaining a relatiely small profile (no one wants a bulky iPhone). It has the outer shell, which is a hard plastic similar to the existing back panel of yor iPhone. The outer shell will protect it from sharp impacts, while a rubber inner ayer will absorb falling impact.

Its this combination that makes it stand out from other product seems to offer. Its either look pretty with no protection, or be totally padded at the cost of look.

Also packaged is a screen protecter. which is a thin plastic film that affixes over the screen. Now in theory its great, prevents scratches, dust and other particulates from damaging your touch screen. In practice its something different, while yes it does offer the protection its like looking at your screen through a venetian blind, and its finish is rough and not comfortable at all. I couldn't remove it fast enough.

The Candy Shell itself does offer a degree of protection for your screen. The case forms a lip around the edge of the phone. keeping it raised so it wont directly touch any surface its laid face down on.

It does look very nice and comes in a vast array of colour combinations. So there will be one for everyone out there, infact it was Voted "Best of Show" at Macworld 2009 by and

All in all its a fairly robust and would easily absorb most impacts that would result from normal day to day activity, I wouldn't risk lobbin' it off the roof or anything but you get the idea.

So i'd really recommend it for all iPhone users.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gundam Unicorn SD Review

Preordered This before christmas and forgot about it. Then a few days ago it arrived in the mail. Now I haven't built a model like this in years, but have always been a Gundam fan.

Now this is the SD version of the Unicorn Gundam from the new OVA series just released, Which I will probably be picking up soon anyway.

Now this little guy has three modes! Normal Mode, Destroy Mode and "Beast Mode". Beast mode is special for this model and doesn't follow the OVA.

Now he comes totally disassembled on his three plastic sprues, one sticker sheer and one rub-on decal sheet. The parts come off the sprues with little to no hassle, not leaving any discoloured stress marks.(which is nice)
Assembly instructions are simple and easy to follow. you assemble him in sections, head, arms, legs, torso, pelvis, shield and beam saber.
Probably best to apply stickers and decals before you assemble him.

one a side note, be careful with the sides of his head, I had the on reversed when I was applying one decal before i realised. So the left side of head has upside down decals . . .

Once individual sections are put together, its simple to snap all the joints inplace, And I  have to admit he does look pretty good.

Transformation is pretty simple, Reverse his head, open unicorn horn, pull on arms to open chest, and flip down pelvis flap and there you go, from Unicorn mode to destroy mode!

Now beast mode is a little gimmicky and tacked on, kinda like there were playing with it at and said oh thats kinda cool lets make that a feature, Although if you have two models one can ride on the other ones beast mode if you like that sorta thing.
Well that rounds up this review, As my first SD Gundam he is very impressive and will probably pick a few more sometime. I'd definately recommend him to Gundam fans and non Gundam fans alike.

I've included a few pictures of the finished results. Enjoy

Behold! Gundam Unicorn!

Reveal! Destroy Mode!

Arise! Beast Mode!

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