Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Speck iPhone 3G/3GS CandyShell - DarkHeart Black

Since I got my iPhone i've been concerned of it getting scuffed or dropped and breaking. So i've spent some time ooking for a decent case. Before I found this, cases were either gigantic leather coffins or shells that were basically a wafer thin and offered no protection.

The Speck Candy Shell offers both padding and protecting, while looking good and maintaining a relatiely small profile (no one wants a bulky iPhone). It has the outer shell, which is a hard plastic similar to the existing back panel of yor iPhone. The outer shell will protect it from sharp impacts, while a rubber inner ayer will absorb falling impact.

Its this combination that makes it stand out from other product seems to offer. Its either look pretty with no protection, or be totally padded at the cost of look.

Also packaged is a screen protecter. which is a thin plastic film that affixes over the screen. Now in theory its great, prevents scratches, dust and other particulates from damaging your touch screen. In practice its something different, while yes it does offer the protection its like looking at your screen through a venetian blind, and its finish is rough and not comfortable at all. I couldn't remove it fast enough.

The Candy Shell itself does offer a degree of protection for your screen. The case forms a lip around the edge of the phone. keeping it raised so it wont directly touch any surface its laid face down on.

It does look very nice and comes in a vast array of colour combinations. So there will be one for everyone out there, infact it was Voted "Best of Show" at Macworld 2009 by iLounge.com and iProng.com.

All in all its a fairly robust and would easily absorb most impacts that would result from normal day to day activity, I wouldn't risk lobbin' it off the roof or anything but you get the idea.

So i'd really recommend it for all iPhone users.

See you next time.

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