Sunday, September 19, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 8 The Finale Piranacon/King Poseidon

Here it is The finale of Seacons September!

He is an ultimate force of destruction. His Marvel storyline, when he combines and the Seacons minds merge to form Piranacon, The merger is so perfect because of how focused all the components are on the hunt that Snap Trap has to set a timer to force separation or they will probably remain combined permanently.
In Japan King Poseidon is really just a powered up armoured version of Turtler since he is the only one with sentience and the rest are just drones, but he is none the less deadly or terrifying.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 7 Decepticon Snap Trap/ Turlter

According to his Bio Snap Trap is cold hearted, methodical killing machine of destruction. His Japanese equivalent Turtler is just as tough, He does like looking like monster and takes out his frustration on who ever is nearby, Be it enemy or his own Seacons. Which in Japan isnt too bad since the Seacons are mass-produced drones. Turtler is the only member of the Seacons with sentience. The rest of the Seacons only exist to server Turtler and combine with him to form King Posiedon.

Cant Argue with this Beast Mode, Giant Turtle with artillery cannons, Giant blaster rifle on his back, Great gaping Maw! his stickers are pretty nice too.

"He's  a frickin' Artillery Turtle what more do you need to say!"

Monday, September 13, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 6 Seawing/Kraken


According to his bio He is the John Woo style action deception, stealthy sub-aqua and super-aqua scout with his own machinations for power, and I may love him for it.

His Beast Mode is a Manta ray with optional legs. You can extend his legs for when walking on land, or fold them back so he can fly through the sky, through the waves and under the sea. Personally I like to display him in "flying mode" on  the target master stand that comes with him. Like he is just hovering there in the background waiting to attack.

"Why yes I do have legs, but I'm just awesome enough not to need them."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 5 Overbite

According to his bio He enjoys the hunt more than most.

His Beast Mode not unlike Skalor, he is a fish, in this case a shark, with legs claw arm things. It does its job his bot mode head is very visible from underneath. Also his gun is supposed to attach under his chin but the hole is too big (On mine at least) and it just wont peg in. It's probably fixable with some coats of clear nail polish.


His bot mode isn't great. Its the claws just sticking out from his shark feet that ruin it for me. I kinda like his stocky arms but after Skalor's awesomeatude it just comes off as weak.

"I think I should stay in Beast Mode! or Best Mode AMIRITE?"

Friday, September 10, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 4 Skalor/Gulf

Skalor/GulfAccording to his bio He is the smelly one in the corner that no one talks to. He is a loner that the others tolerate.

His Best Mode is fish with legs! and little arm finny things. He pulls this off very well and there so no robot kibble at all. There is somewhat of a gaping home in his head to accommodate transformation but its not that noticeable.

"Anyone else smell that?"

His bot mode is pretty nice. He turns into a nice stocky little robot with great big Popeye arms. Whats not to like.

"Yeah? . . . Well I don't wanna talk to you guys anyway"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 3 Tentakil

According to his bio be is a charming sadist who likes crushing his enemies with his tentacles, Tentacles that kill . . . Get it? anyway moving along. Also I swapped his weapons with Skalor/Gulf's they just fit better on each other.

His Best Mode is a walking squid . . . yeah. well for biologies sake he does have ten limbs. The sculpting on this is glorious. his Beast face, his tentacles, right down to the suckers on the feet. You can see his bot mode head peeking out of his butt "area".

"Wanna Hug?"

Friday, September 3, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 2 Nautilator/Lobclaw

Nautilator the one who wasn't included for the original American release for whatever reason. Like all the Japanese releases unlike Turtler Lobclaw is a mindless mass produced drone. Naultilator on the other hand has a personality and a bio. He is the bumbling idiot of the team.

His Beast Mode is a "Lobster" and compared to his brothers it is pretty close to what its supposed to be. His claws have some pretty nice sculpting and his head reminds me of one of the Brood (X-Men villian). His bot mode arms are very visible in Beast Mode but its okay. He also has an opening Jaw!

"It wasn't me!"

His Bot Mode is the weakest in my opinion, His head is just set too far back. But one cool thing I do like is that you can angle his Beast Mode claws downward to look like a cape ( or is that just me?) But his leg "Wings" are very wide then.

"The Wind Swept Look"

Target Master Mode is also pretty weak as its just Beast Mode stretched a bit and his weapon stuck onto his butt.
"I'm actually a Gun!"

Limb Mode is actually quiet strong, He makes a great Arm and and a very stable leg, I normally keep him in leg mode. His official place is right arm.

Okay thats this guy done. Net up Tentakil

Thursday, September 2, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 1

The year was 1987, a monsters rose from the depths to counter the Autobots, vile abominations of gentle sea creatures. But whats worse these monsters can combine to for the unstoppable force of nature King Poseidon (Piranacon) Now in the year 2010 the fearsome beasts re-emerge . . .

Well that was dramatic, really could have done with a Star Wars scrolling thing, anyway Piranacon reissue, Although to me he is King Poseidon. King Poseidon is of course the Japanese version of the character as seen in Masterforce. Thats where I first encountered him, but also this set is closer to the original Japanese gift set than the American/European release since all six are included instead of five (minus Nautilator). The Main difference fiction wise is in Japanese continuity only Turtler/(Snap Trap) is sentient with the rest of the seacons being mass produced drones that combine with him( Now that I mention it, he was the original Power Core Combiner). But in American continuity the limbs were sentient and has personalities like all the other combiner teams.

You get quiet alot bang for your buck here. All the limbs, have Beast Mode, Robot Mode, Limb Mode and a Target Master Mode! Turtler(Snap Trap) has Beast Mode, Robot Mode and Torse Mode. Since its Scramble City style each limb bot can be any limb or Piranacon's Target Master. So thats about one hundred and forty yes 140! different combinations from just this set.

Apart from slight colour changes they are identical to the 1987 release. The Beast Modes are great, The Combined mode is great, The Target Master and Robot modes well your mileage may vary on those.
I'll go through each bot individually, discuss each mode and there pros and cons. Finally finish up with the combined mode.