Thursday, September 9, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 3 Tentakil

According to his bio be is a charming sadist who likes crushing his enemies with his tentacles, Tentacles that kill . . . Get it? anyway moving along. Also I swapped his weapons with Skalor/Gulf's they just fit better on each other.

His Best Mode is a walking squid . . . yeah. well for biologies sake he does have ten limbs. The sculpting on this is glorious. his Beast face, his tentacles, right down to the suckers on the feet. You can see his bot mode head peeking out of his butt "area".

"Wanna Hug?"

His Bot mode is fine, its all that you can expect, Giant back kibble but they all have that. One cool thing I like is that you can leave the head weapons connected while transforming ending up as feet blasters, or take them off and put them in his hands.

"No Hugs?"

Target Master Mode they way in the instructions isn't really that great cause you end up with a giant squid face on the top of your gun, if you fold up his legs over this is looks at lot better. For me it went from being meh to being my second favorite Target Master Mode.


Limb Mode, he makes a strong and stable leg, as an arm like Target Master Mode you got a giant squid face on your arm, but in this case folding legs over doesn't save it. I usually keep him in Leg Mode just like his Official place.

He's a good standard Seacon I like him. I'd like to get another of him just to have him in Beast Mode while Piranacon is combined over there.

Okay thats this guy done. Next up Skalor/Gulf

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