Sunday, September 12, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 5 Overbite

According to his bio He enjoys the hunt more than most.

His Beast Mode not unlike Skalor, he is a fish, in this case a shark, with legs claw arm things. It does its job his bot mode head is very visible from underneath. Also his gun is supposed to attach under his chin but the hole is too big (On mine at least) and it just wont peg in. It's probably fixable with some coats of clear nail polish.


His bot mode isn't great. Its the claws just sticking out from his shark feet that ruin it for me. I kinda like his stocky arms but after Skalor's awesomeatude it just comes off as weak.

"I think I should stay in Beast Mode! or Best Mode AMIRITE?"

Target Master Mode is official place in the combined mode. And he pulls it off pretty well. He is a sleek trident or blasting laser death, except he loosed marks for the upturned shark head.

"Hunty Hunty Bang Shoot!"

As a limb his sleekness makes him a great arm, I prefer to keep his as the left arm. His claws can fold back to make wrist guard for forward for extra shankage when is spike fists uppercuts ya.

When I first saw him in pic form, he was my favourite but when i got them in hand the others out shine him. Knocking him back to mid-level Seacon for me.

Okay thats this guy done. Next up Seawing/Kraken.

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