Sunday, September 19, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 8 The Finale Piranacon/King Poseidon

Here it is The finale of Seacons September!

He is an ultimate force of destruction. His Marvel storyline, when he combines and the Seacons minds merge to form Piranacon, The merger is so perfect because of how focused all the components are on the hunt that Snap Trap has to set a timer to force separation or they will probably remain combined permanently.
In Japan King Poseidon is really just a powered up armoured version of Turtler since he is the only one with sentience and the rest are just drones, but he is none the less deadly or terrifying.

He's a G1 Combiner and he is brickish, but he is also Glorious with a capital G. His official mode is fine but or course he is Scramble City style meaning his limbs are interchangeable with the sixth guy able to assume Target Master Mode.

Official Combined Mode
Torso - Snap Trap/Turtler
Left Arm - Nautilator
Right Arm - Seawing/Kraken
Left Leg - Tentakil
Right Leg - Skalor/Gulf
Target Master - Overbite

The Preferred Rigas Mode
Torso - Snap Trap/Turtler
Left Arm - Overbite
Right Arm - Skalor/Gulf
Left Leg - Nautilator
Right Leg - Tentakil
Target Master - Seawing/Kraken

I just think this mode looks better. With the legs Nautilator's chest puffs out further that Tentakil's so it gives a kinda dynamic taking a step forward look. As for articualtion he has shoulders and thats about it, but I mean if you are looking for articualtion 1987 combiner teams isn't where you should be looking.

His Piranacon head is equally glorious, the pics speak for themselves and the reviews for individual limbs should be all the info you need, go check them out if you haven't already.

"You know you love me"

Whew that was a bit epic wasn't it? If you enjoyed this series comeback soon as his compadre Predaking is getting the reissue treatment this November and I plan to do the same for them as I did for this guy. 

Thanks for checking it out. See you Next Blog.

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