Friday, September 3, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 2 Nautilator/Lobclaw

Nautilator the one who wasn't included for the original American release for whatever reason. Like all the Japanese releases unlike Turtler Lobclaw is a mindless mass produced drone. Naultilator on the other hand has a personality and a bio. He is the bumbling idiot of the team.

His Beast Mode is a "Lobster" and compared to his brothers it is pretty close to what its supposed to be. His claws have some pretty nice sculpting and his head reminds me of one of the Brood (X-Men villian). His bot mode arms are very visible in Beast Mode but its okay. He also has an opening Jaw!

"It wasn't me!"

His Bot Mode is the weakest in my opinion, His head is just set too far back. But one cool thing I do like is that you can angle his Beast Mode claws downward to look like a cape ( or is that just me?) But his leg "Wings" are very wide then.

"The Wind Swept Look"

Target Master Mode is also pretty weak as its just Beast Mode stretched a bit and his weapon stuck onto his butt.
"I'm actually a Gun!"

Limb Mode is actually quiet strong, He makes a great Arm and and a very stable leg, I normally keep him in leg mode. His official place is right arm.

Okay thats this guy done. Net up Tentakil

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