Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 13 Gamma World Part 2

Now for the second part of the Gamma World Experience, Again apologies for the lateness of these, never meant to fall so far behind. If its any consolation I'm snowed in. I probably shouldn't say that since it means I actually had more time stuck in my house to do it. So lets get down to it shall we.

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air Date: 26/11/2010 Production Code:013

Writer: Michael Ryan
Directors: Vinton Heuck and Sebastian Montes

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seacons Greetings!

Merry Christmas and Seascons Greetings to you all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 12 Gamma World Part 1

This is episode was originally aired alongside part two as a double feature, but for re runs and pretty much every other showing will be split up into two regular episodes so I've decided to split it up similarly into two posts

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air Date: 26/11/2010 Production Code:012

Writer: Michael Ryan
Directors: Vinton Heuck and Sebastian Montes

"Please Produce these Jackets, I will by 50"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 11 Panther's Quest

Sorry for the delay, wireless died on my laptop and while waiting for a replacement part I was struck down by an evil curse, or nano-robots or a sinus infection. One or the other or maybe all three the jury is still out on this one. This is not my favourite episode and I almost skipped it. Purely cause of  Mary Sue  Black Panther, I just don't like him and god help me I've tried. I read his ongoing for over a year hoping I could find something.  So anyway here we go.

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air Date: 17/11/2010 Production Code:011

Writer: Sebastian Montes
Director: Paul Giacoppo

"I Don't appear in this episode"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 10 Everything is Wonderful

This Episode introduces Simon Williams, Wonder Man, Well I was pondering his if he existed and if he was related to Grim Reaper back in "Iron Man is Born" and now we get some answers, also MODOK! 

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air Date: 10/11/2010 Production Code:010

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 09 Living Legend

This Episode charts how the newly formed Avengers first encounter the living legend Steve Rodgers Captain America. But they get little chance to celebrate when Arnim Zola unleashes an attack on New York.

For an index of all episodes go here
Original Air Date: 03/11/2010 Production Code:008

Writer: Kevin Burke & Chris Wyatt
Director: Vinton Heuck

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 08 Some Assembly Required

This is the real first episode of the series, well what I call the real first episode, the Breakout was the two part pilot to get you hooked. This is the episode that can make or break any show. Will it disappoint? will it wow and amaze? watch it and decide or read on gentle-viewer . . .

Original Air Date: 27/11/2010 Production Code:008

Writer: Sebastian Montes
Director: Brandon Auman

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 02 Breakout II

This is the second part of the opening two parter. Episode 02 Breakout Part II

Original Air Date: 20/11/2010 Production Code:007

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 01 Breakout I

This is the first proper episode. The first non compilation episode. I'd decided to add a section at the end where I will take care off all the references and possible references I spot. since I've noticed I tend to start to ramble when I start talking about those things.

Original Air Date: 20/11/2010 Production Code:006

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 07 The Man in the Ant Hill

This is the forth mini-episode compilation, this one is Captain America.

So I noticed that each episode has different characters assembled before it fades to silhouette, depending on what characters appear in the episode. So ill be adding a new section that lists who they are.  

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:005

03 The Man in the Ant Hill
13 Enter the Whirlwind
20 The Big House
17 Welcome to Wakanda

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 06 Meet Captain America

This is the forth mini-episode compilation, this one is Captain America.

So I noticed that each episode has different characters assembled before it fades to silhouette, depending on what characters appear in the episode. So ill be adding a new section that lists who they are.  

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:004

14 Meet Captain America
15 The Red Skull Strikes!
16 If This Be Doomsday!
18 Lo, There Shall Come a Conqueror

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode 05 Hulk vs the World

This is the third mini-episode compilation, this one is the Hulks.

For an index of all episodes ghere

Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:003

02 The Coming of the Hulk
07 Hulk Versus the World
10 This Monster, This Hero
19 Beware the Widow's Bite 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode 04 Thor the Mighty

Like Iron Man is Born this is the second compilation episode Origin, this one features, the son of Asgard, The Odinson, The one who would have words with thee, the one, the only, the Mighty Thor!

"In the red corner . . . "

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:002

05 Thor the Mighty
08 The Siege of Asgard
11 My Brother, My Enemy
12 The Isle of Silence

Like the last one i'll break this down by mini episodes

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode List

Thought this might be easier to find the episode you are looking for if I index them all here.Each episode will link to the appropriate blog post once it exists. The air date is in  the format of DD/MM/YYYY to prevent confusion

Season 1
#TitleDirectorWriter(s)Air DateProd code
1"Breakout, Part 1"Sebastian MontesChristopher Yost20/10/2010006
2"Breakout, Part 2"Vinton HeuckChristopher Yost20/10/2010007
3"Iron Man is Born"Vinton HeuckBrandon Auman24/10/2010001
4"Thor the Mighty"Vinton HeuckMichael Ryan24/10/2010002
5"Hulk vs the World"Sebastian MontesKevin Burke and Chris Wyatt24/10/2010003
6"Meet Captain America"Sebastian MontesPaul Giacoppo24/10/2010004
7"The Man in the Ant Hill"Vinton HeuckChristopher Yost24/10/2010005
8"Some Assembly Required"Sebastian MontesBrandon Auman27/10/2010008
9"Living Legend"Vinton HeuckKevin Burke and Chris Wyatt03/11/2010009
10"Everything is Wonderful"Vinton HeuckBrandon Auman10/11/2010010
11"Panther's Quest"Sebastian MontesPaul Giacoppo17/11/2010011
12"Gamma World, Part 1"Vinton Heuck and
Sebastian Montes 
Michael Ryan26/11/2010012
13"Gamma World, Part 2"Vinton Heuck and
Sebastian Montes
Michael Ryan26/11/2010013
14"Masters of Evil"Sebastian MontesChristopher Yost05/12/2010014
15"459"Vinton HeuckJoelle Sellner12/12/2010015
16"Widow's Sting"Vinton HeuckKevin Burke and
Chris Wyatt
17"The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"Sebastian MontesAndrew Robinson09/01/2011017
18"Come the Conqueror"Vinton HeuckEugene Son16/01/2011018
19"The Kang Dynasty"Sebastian MontesBrian Reed23/01/2011019
20"The Casket of Ancient Winters"Sebastian MontesPaul Giacoppo04/04/2011020
21"Hail Hydra!"Vinton Heuck
Kevin Burke and
Chris Wyatt
22"Ulton-5"Sebastian MontesBrandon Auman06/04/2011022
23"The Ultron Imperative

24"This Hostage Earth"

25"The Fall of Asgard"

26"A Day Unlike Any Other"


Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode 03 Iron Man is born

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'll be reviewing the amazing new show The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This episode was the third to air, But really it was the first of the micro-series mini-episode compliation shows that serves as an origin for each character. This is Iron Man's one and it comprises for the mini-episodes

Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:001
01 Iron Man is Born
04 Hydra Lives
06 Behold the Mandroids!
09 Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

I didn't even realise they were mini-episodes because they fit together as a coherent story, as I'm sure it was intended. I'm still playing with format ideas so I guess I'll just go through each mini-episode in order this time and see how we go.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

The last few days I've been tweeting about a my latest discovery, the amazing new Marvel Animation Production  The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I knew it was in the works for a while and didn't really care, the last few Marvel shows weren't that entertaining Iron Man:Armored Adventures, Super Hero Squad etc and while were at it, most carton shows produced in the last ten years or so haven't been up to scratch. There were a few exceptions like Justice League/Justice League unlimited and Batman Beyond.

I know these shows are aimed at children, but the comics they are based on are mostly purchased by older teenagers all the way up to old age adults. So I feel the show should be equally entertaining and enjoyable for those fans too. When I was young the shows I watched, while aimed at children, could be enjoyed by adults in fact I can still watch a lot of those shows today and be entertained, Batman: The Animated Series, 1990's Spiderman, X-men and many more.

"Avengers Assemble!"

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flexing my Brain: Find Your Centre

I've been meaning to do a post of this type this since I started this blog, hence the "coding" part of the URL. I not sure how this popped into my head, I was just doodling on some paper some paper and somehow came up with.

"If you have three points on the circumference of a circle how do you find the centre of that circle?"

Yes, I do ponder odd things at times. To solve this graphically its pretty simple.
Given points p1,p2,and p3, construct two lines l1and l2 by connecting p1 to p2,and p2 to p3.
Find the centre point of each line m1 and m2.
From each of these points construct a line, perpendicular to the parent line and find the point intersection of these two new lines (l3and l4).
This point of intersection is the centre of the circle, from there you can calculate any and all other circular goodness you might need.

Click the image for a demonstratrion.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Assassin's Creed Multiplayer First Glance

The newest incarnation of the Assassin's Creed series, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is gonna feature online multiplayer. The Beta was launched earlier this week exclusively to subscribers to Playstation Plus. The Game is out on November 16th 2010 for PS3,XBOX 360 and PC. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 8 The Finale Piranacon/King Poseidon

Here it is The finale of Seacons September!

He is an ultimate force of destruction. His Marvel storyline, when he combines and the Seacons minds merge to form Piranacon, The merger is so perfect because of how focused all the components are on the hunt that Snap Trap has to set a timer to force separation or they will probably remain combined permanently.
In Japan King Poseidon is really just a powered up armoured version of Turtler since he is the only one with sentience and the rest are just drones, but he is none the less deadly or terrifying.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 7 Decepticon Snap Trap/ Turlter

According to his Bio Snap Trap is cold hearted, methodical killing machine of destruction. His Japanese equivalent Turtler is just as tough, He does like looking like monster and takes out his frustration on who ever is nearby, Be it enemy or his own Seacons. Which in Japan isnt too bad since the Seacons are mass-produced drones. Turtler is the only member of the Seacons with sentience. The rest of the Seacons only exist to server Turtler and combine with him to form King Posiedon.

Cant Argue with this Beast Mode, Giant Turtle with artillery cannons, Giant blaster rifle on his back, Great gaping Maw! his stickers are pretty nice too.

"He's  a frickin' Artillery Turtle what more do you need to say!"

Monday, September 13, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 6 Seawing/Kraken


According to his bio He is the John Woo style action deception, stealthy sub-aqua and super-aqua scout with his own machinations for power, and I may love him for it.

His Beast Mode is a Manta ray with optional legs. You can extend his legs for when walking on land, or fold them back so he can fly through the sky, through the waves and under the sea. Personally I like to display him in "flying mode" on  the target master stand that comes with him. Like he is just hovering there in the background waiting to attack.

"Why yes I do have legs, but I'm just awesome enough not to need them."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 5 Overbite

According to his bio He enjoys the hunt more than most.

His Beast Mode not unlike Skalor, he is a fish, in this case a shark, with legs claw arm things. It does its job his bot mode head is very visible from underneath. Also his gun is supposed to attach under his chin but the hole is too big (On mine at least) and it just wont peg in. It's probably fixable with some coats of clear nail polish.


His bot mode isn't great. Its the claws just sticking out from his shark feet that ruin it for me. I kinda like his stocky arms but after Skalor's awesomeatude it just comes off as weak.

"I think I should stay in Beast Mode! or Best Mode AMIRITE?"

Friday, September 10, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 4 Skalor/Gulf

Skalor/GulfAccording to his bio He is the smelly one in the corner that no one talks to. He is a loner that the others tolerate.

His Best Mode is fish with legs! and little arm finny things. He pulls this off very well and there so no robot kibble at all. There is somewhat of a gaping home in his head to accommodate transformation but its not that noticeable.

"Anyone else smell that?"

His bot mode is pretty nice. He turns into a nice stocky little robot with great big Popeye arms. Whats not to like.

"Yeah? . . . Well I don't wanna talk to you guys anyway"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 3 Tentakil

According to his bio be is a charming sadist who likes crushing his enemies with his tentacles, Tentacles that kill . . . Get it? anyway moving along. Also I swapped his weapons with Skalor/Gulf's they just fit better on each other.

His Best Mode is a walking squid . . . yeah. well for biologies sake he does have ten limbs. The sculpting on this is glorious. his Beast face, his tentacles, right down to the suckers on the feet. You can see his bot mode head peeking out of his butt "area".

"Wanna Hug?"

Friday, September 3, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 2 Nautilator/Lobclaw

Nautilator the one who wasn't included for the original American release for whatever reason. Like all the Japanese releases unlike Turtler Lobclaw is a mindless mass produced drone. Naultilator on the other hand has a personality and a bio. He is the bumbling idiot of the team.

His Beast Mode is a "Lobster" and compared to his brothers it is pretty close to what its supposed to be. His claws have some pretty nice sculpting and his head reminds me of one of the Brood (X-Men villian). His bot mode arms are very visible in Beast Mode but its okay. He also has an opening Jaw!

"It wasn't me!"

His Bot Mode is the weakest in my opinion, His head is just set too far back. But one cool thing I do like is that you can angle his Beast Mode claws downward to look like a cape ( or is that just me?) But his leg "Wings" are very wide then.

"The Wind Swept Look"

Target Master Mode is also pretty weak as its just Beast Mode stretched a bit and his weapon stuck onto his butt.
"I'm actually a Gun!"

Limb Mode is actually quiet strong, He makes a great Arm and and a very stable leg, I normally keep him in leg mode. His official place is right arm.

Okay thats this guy done. Net up Tentakil

Thursday, September 2, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 1

The year was 1987, a monsters rose from the depths to counter the Autobots, vile abominations of gentle sea creatures. But whats worse these monsters can combine to for the unstoppable force of nature King Poseidon (Piranacon) Now in the year 2010 the fearsome beasts re-emerge . . .

Well that was dramatic, really could have done with a Star Wars scrolling thing, anyway Piranacon reissue, Although to me he is King Poseidon. King Poseidon is of course the Japanese version of the character as seen in Masterforce. Thats where I first encountered him, but also this set is closer to the original Japanese gift set than the American/European release since all six are included instead of five (minus Nautilator). The Main difference fiction wise is in Japanese continuity only Turtler/(Snap Trap) is sentient with the rest of the seacons being mass produced drones that combine with him( Now that I mention it, he was the original Power Core Combiner). But in American continuity the limbs were sentient and has personalities like all the other combiner teams.

You get quiet alot bang for your buck here. All the limbs, have Beast Mode, Robot Mode, Limb Mode and a Target Master Mode! Turtler(Snap Trap) has Beast Mode, Robot Mode and Torse Mode. Since its Scramble City style each limb bot can be any limb or Piranacon's Target Master. So thats about one hundred and forty yes 140! different combinations from just this set.

Apart from slight colour changes they are identical to the 1987 release. The Beast Modes are great, The Combined mode is great, The Target Master and Robot modes well your mileage may vary on those.
I'll go through each bot individually, discuss each mode and there pros and cons. Finally finish up with the combined mode.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Benefit and Detriment of Trophies

As I was playing Transformers War for Cybertron, Levelling my classes, I was wondering why am I doing this? Is it to get the classes to max level or am I just doing it to get the Trophy/Achievement? (my primary gaming platform at the moment is PS3 so I will probably cite trophy more that achievement, but for the purposes for this the terms are interchangeable)

Back in the day before trophies, I tended to play games longer, granted I had less games to play but still. I rarely find myself just getting lost in the world any more, just exploring or seeing what's out there.

For example;

Metal Gear Solid - Love this game. I've actually purchased it three times, The Original Release, The Gamecube Release and recently again on PSN. I have no idea how many times I've completed this game, on all difficulties, unlocked all items. I used to do speed runs for fun. Listen to the codec conversations all over again. Today would that happen I wonder? unless there was a trophy for it?

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - I actually purchased an N64 just to play this game, Again i've purchased this one twice, Original release and the Gamecube "Master Quest" version. This game might possibly be my all time favourite game ever! Every detail is still ingrained in my memory even today Twelve years later ( has it been that long?) What would happen if this had trophies? would it have gotten the same love? Would it still have gotten its Perfect scores 10/10 from Edge, Famitsu, IGN and many others? The Fanboy in me shudders to even ponder this one.

Grand Theft Auto III - Possible one of the biggest time sinks I've ever played, My first taste of sandbox. I have great love for this game, I must admit though that I haven't played it in a long time, My copy was stolen so I don't own it any more. So I am unsure how it has held up to the test of time. I don't really need to elaborate on this one, even before trophies this game lived a long time, I remember it having an almost permanent position on Gamefaqs Top 10 games on the front page, while for me at least Grand Theft Auto IV has all but faded from memory.

Have trophies put a shorter life span on games? perhaps but maybe on "sub par" games it give them an extra incentive to be played, Some games have an increased popularity due to the sheer easiness to complete and get your Platinum Trophy, while others have trophies that are literally impossible to achieve.

From my personal experience, The Saboteur my first Platinum in fact. While a wholly under-rated game I would recommend everyone go out and get. I enjoyed it immensely, It recaptured the feelings I had playing Grand Theft Auto III and maybe even Grand Theft Auto (for those of you old enough to remember) Wide area to explore, weapons and vehicles to collect, Nazis installations to take out, The main character even shared my first name what more could I want. I had gotten most of the trophies without even really trying for them, just popped us as I was normally trying to complete things. But alas when that platinum appeared on the screen, I didn't realise at the time but something changed inside me. I kept playing, but after a day or two I felt I had no reason to keep going, So I moved on to the next game. So The Adventures of Sean Devlin is now up on my self and sadly will probably never be played again.

"I was unprepared for the power you would have over me"

Another example, soon after getting my PS3 I was online looking for an RPG to play I stumbled upon Agarest: Generations Of War, not only that it was a collectors edition ( I had no chance ) When it arrived there was lots going on in real life and I hadn't really enough time to fully immerse myself in the game and it has since been relegated to the backlog pile, and gets closer to the bottom all the time ;( I can't help but wonder that if it has trophies would this have been different? would I have made more time for it? Actually I recently learned that the US Version (Digital Download Only) has trophies and for a minute there I considered it but managed to slap some sense into myself.

It was these games that made me realise the power and significance trophies have come to play in gaming. They are no longer (if they ever were) a way to track what you played and could brag about online. They have a power over what, when and how you play. 

So gentle reader I urge to think about something next time you have a controller in hand, Are you playing this for you? or are you playing for trophy completion either consciously or subconsciously or is there even a difference?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Batman in tears

Oh No! 

You can also view on Flickr should you so choose.

Batman and The Punisher for for Ice-Cream

Frank does some laundry also.

You can also view on flickr should you so choose.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The new Karate Kid

First of all I must forewarn you that the new Karate Kid movie contains 0% Karate, well there is one scene where there is Karate on a TV in the background. It's all Kung Fu this time around.

The story follows young Dre (Jaden Smith) who relocated to China when his mother is transfered to Beijing. While trying to cope with his new life, the local Kung Fu Prodigy school bullies he meets un-assuming handyman Mr Han (Jackie Chan) then eventually becomes his Sifu and teaches him the ways of Kung Fu as thought to his by his father.

 There are lots of nods to the original Karate Kid movies, but all in all this remake is it's own movie and can stand alone. You could comfortably see it without even knowing there was something similiar back in the 80's and 1994. So its not relying on the seeing it only for nostalgia dollar and can introduce a whole new generation to this story.

Its a great movie to enjoy for the grown ups and the kids, although some of the fights were surprisingly brutal for 12-years old. Some of the more vicious impacts were cut away but still maybe not for the more faint of heart.

Some of the kids seemed a bit too good for just normal school kids who go to Kung Fu class after school, granted I haven't personally fought a bunch of Kung Fu Trained 12 year olds, but then again they had to go toe to toe with Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan, this is the best I've seen him in years,  this is the kind role he needs to be playing now that he is too old to be the young hero. The old master who can defeat all comers without breaking a sweat. He isn't quite there yet but in about 5 years, and a little more grey in his hair, he will be the perfect choice. Although one this I must mention for any Chan Fans out there, There is no ladder based fighting from Jackie (Maybe there will be extended scenes on the BLU-Ray, cause I did see a ladder in the background and was almost cheering him on to pick it up.)

"I'm not this young any more"

It's really young Jaden that really carries this movie. He even has first name billing which was kinda surprising Chan didn't get. Definitely no need for a paternity test here, this kid really is Will Smith's son, trust when you watch it you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. His Kung Fu is also pretty convincing much more believable than Ralph Macchio was, but I don't think they'd be as concerned with realistic training back in '84

"I'm still this young."

I'm sure there will be a sequel if not sequels, Jaden is the perfect age to watch him grow up through these movies.

Definately worth seeing, so go see it now! Thanks for reading See you next Post!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I just realised that after updating to iOS4 all images in my Camera Roll are gone! Ones I has in folders are fine, it was just the ones in Camera Roll! All my personal images gone. I still have the pictures I took of my Gundam Unicorn Model, for all that's worth!

Thought they were safe syncing them with my PC via iTunes, didn't think i'd need to back up the back up!

So anyway take heed before you update!

EDIT: Well apparently iTunes no longer keeps multiple backups! it used to but they took that functionality out, I guess they thought there software so infallible it wouldn't be needed right? I mean any software that offers back-up and restore functionality should keep multiple back up as default, for all the negligible space an iPhone backup file would take in this day and age of cheap storage its just down right appalling!

my grammar and spelling are probably atrocious in this post, but I cannot help that for it is fuelled by rage at finding no chance of restoring the old pics, since the most recent back up was of the newly updated iPhone sans my "precious memories" on the Camera Roll.

I know teething problems happen, and no long term harm is done, just would have liked a warning.

So prepare yourself if you haven't updated yet.

iOS4 on the good "old" iPhone 3GS

Yesterday I synced with my iTunes clicked update and some 300-odd megabytes later my phones OS was updated to version 4. Just wanted to share a few of my first views on the software.

As of June 21st in the year of our lord 2010, Steve Jobs opened the doors and loosed his new creation iPhone 4.0 along with a new OS, now re-branded as iOS4 instead if iPhoneOS. They apparently made the thing backwards compatibly (to varying degrees) with older version of the phone, which was nice of them. In this post ill share my first impression of this backwards compatibility.

Now at first glance the UI looks sharper and brighter, the first thing that catches the eye is now you get background wallpaper, It is quiet nice to now see my wife behind my application icons when I slide my "slide to unlock" bar. The new live  5x digital zoom is nice, up to about 2.5x then its not worth looking at.

I then noticed that the email client was a little slower checking my mail (G mail, IMAP) I chalked this up to all the new fangled updated they have done to the mail software business level encryption and the like, but then an overall sluggishness seemed to descend upon my phone. Its bearable but almost noticeably, after a few weeks I'll be used to it. I assume its to do with the iOS4 being optimised to the tech of iPhone 4. Its just got more power under the hood than the older models.

One slight annoyance was the App-specific location settings, after the update every App I opened asked me about location, but only once and never again.

App folders is very nice, you can have you can set up folder that contain Apps up to 12, give it name up to 13 characters. allowing for Up to 2,160 instead of 180 visible Apps.

The Multitasking is nice, you can now double click the home key to open up a slider bar with a list of your Apps to choose so you can switch back and forth, this will probably diminish performance on older models, iPhone 4.0 probably not since it was built for it. But its a nice little feature.

I'm not really sure but I think my battery is draining faster, but that may all be in my head.

Click here for a comprehensive list of features of iOS4.

There are many more features that I will have to sit down to examine and test out but haven't had a chance yet, These are just my first opinions after a day of normal use and are subject to change. 

Well anyway thanks for reading, you can check out my tweeter for my more up to that minute opinions.

See you next blog.

 - Rigas

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roughnecks the Starship Trooper Chronicles Volume 1

Recently Amazon has a sale on Sci-Fi DVDs so I decided to pick up a bushel of em, This is the first one i'll review.

Now I have fond if hazy memories of this series from way back in 1999. Now at first glance the CG has held up remarkably well, it looks as good as any other 100% CG shows of the genre you'd get today.

Now its based on the 1997 Paul Verhoeven movie, which in turn is based Robert A. Heinlein's 1959 novel of the same name. Its not a direct continuation but combined elements from both to make a more "Kid" friendly Saturday morning cartoon show.

The story follows a Mobile Infantry Unit "Razaks Roughnecks" During the war with the "Bugs" an insectiod alien race with genocidal intent towards Humanity.
The show tried to be true to an adult-oriented science fiction franchise without being too violent, mature or controversial for the age group it was aimed at Saturday morning cartoons, leading to to it not being watching by either age group during its inital run. Adults didn't know it was on to see and it was bit over the head of the audience in the time-slot.

But re-watching it again 10+ years later I find it very entertaining and very watchable, It's well written, voiced and the music is alot better that one would expect.

As in the original novels the Mobile infantry have much better technology that in the movies, such as Powered Armours, Mechs, Orbital Drop Pods and so on. Its got the same feel as the Battletech cartoon did, Sadly another show that was underrated as a "kiddy" show back in the day.

All in all its a very entertaining watch, for all ages kids will like the ships and aliens but there is plenty of story and character development to hold an adults attention also.

Definitely worth picking up, I will definitely be getting other volumes at my first oppurtunity.
Thanks for reading, See you next Post!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Iron Man 2 Review

Now, before we start I should inform you that I am a bit of an Iron Man Fan-Boy from way back.

From the second I saw the first trailer, I was counting the days until I could see it. I went in with big expectations. Some were a let down, some were not over all was entertaining as a movie. I’m not sure if it’s a worthy addition to the Iron Man mythos.

"Bad Mama-Jama"

First of all Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko, The Crimson Dynamo/Whiplash Amalgam was amazing. That guy sure has screen presence, his Russian was very convincing, but alas his screen time was a bit lacking. I feel he should have been there a bit more and the final fight was anti-climactic and cut short, but over all Ivan Vanko was a bad mama-jama! If they made a movie or just this guy duking it out with the Colonel from Avatar I would definitely pay to see it.

Tony Stark/ Robert Downey Jr was great, But if you seen Iron Man then there is nothing really new from him. I felt they needed more moments of Tony just relating to his friends, he spends almost no time with Rhodey or Happy, just fawning over Pepper! I would have liked them to explore his alcoholism a bit more. I thought Yes! they are doing it when they showed his blood toxicity level but it just turned out to be something else, and I would like less of the forced Tony/Pepper romantic relationship its just wrong, no chemistry and I don’t like it. In the comics she is fact married to Happy Hogan.

Virginia "Pepper" Potts/Gwyneth Paltrow, Now I don't know if she researched her role at all, but again she delivered a weak and awful performance. She comes across weak, unintelligent, ditzy yet somehow runs Stark International. While in the comics she is a much stronger character infact she was a the leader of a Super-Team for a while and even wore a suit of Armour designed by Tony.

"R.E.S.C.U.E or the Iron Pepper Armour"

James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes/Don Cheadle was a breath of fresh air compared to Iron Man 1, I didn't even realise until about half way through the first one that he was meant to be Rhodey and now just random military escort guy ferrying Tony around. Cheadle gave a much more convincing performance, I felt the actor was a bit too scrawny for Rhodes but thats just my opinion and that’s neither here or there, but can't tell since he was barely on screen at all.

Justin Hammer/Sam Rockwell Oh dear how where do I start on this guy. First of all in comics Justin Hammer is a much older man, the movie version is much younger to make him a more contemporary rival for Stark, but he is too young to be position he finds himself. ( some sort of military weapons manufacturer/Government contractor) Also Rockwell is terrible in this role, I hadn't heard of him before now and hopefully wont be hearing of him again. His performance was almost laughable at points. It would have been good if he was trying to be a parody but alas he was not . . . . I could probably fill an entire post just about his poor abilities in this role but I won’t ill just leave him here.

Natasha Romanoff/Scarlett Johanson Why does she have front line billing? Infact why is she even in the movie her character doesn't seem to fill any role and Johanson's acting was wanting to say the least. I kept expecting her to end each sentence with "Like You know, Whatever!" like the Queen Bee/Prom Queen stereo type thing in some high school teen movie. Again like Hammer was cast too young. Romanoff is meant to be a Russian super spy who defected and now is a super spy for S.H.I.E.L.D. The fight scene she has was like something from W.W.E or something, after the movie my wife and I were in Video Game store and saw a wrestling game and joked that if you defeat the game on hard mode you unlock Johanson as a playable character. At one point she kicks down a door it was so unconvincing her foot got barely above knee height.

"I am Iron Man"

Okay acting aside the visuals are great, the armours look great, they move great, they fight great, over all they are just great but that’s what we have come to expect so I won’t dwell on it too much, but one thing I will mention is the Mark V Briefcase Armour! I nearly fell out of my seat when they I saw it. It’s just one of the silly iconic things from the comics that I never thought would make it into a movie but was also short lived. One visual aspect I didn't like was all the deliberate product placement. Like the Iron Man kiddy mask and Posters in the background etc. it was just too much blatant advertising for my taste.

As the story goes there was no real tension and I didn't feel the characters were in peril at all, sure Tony got roughed up a bit and had the crap kicked out of him but It barely slowed him down so you didn't get a sense of danger at all really. But still the fights were entertaining. It did lay more groundwork for the upcoming Avengers Movie pencilled in for 2012 and references to the Captain America Movie coming out next year.

The climactic battle between Iron Man, War Machine and Crimson Dynamo/Whiplash was anything but and  kinda anti-climatic really, much too short for my liking.

Overall it was pretty entertaining and I would recommend it, It's not perfect and the things I mentioned above do take away somewhat but it’s a good summer movie.

So I will leave you with this.

Spoiler Alert below

One has to wonder why you would reveal your new super Mandroid weapons at a civilian science expo instead of a senate sub-committee, also why build 10 suits of Mandroid armour when they don’t work?

Also why do the normal Las Vegas PD or wherever they were Arrest Hammer? I mean on what grounds?
He didn't set the Mandroids loose, He didn't even know his crime was harbouring a Super Villain which is probably a S.H.I.E.L.D or federal matter so wouldn't agents of some sort be the ones to arrest him?

Anyway . . .

End Spoiler

So hope you enjoyed it, See you next Blog!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lego Ben 10 Spider Monkey

Was browsing Amazon and came across Ben10 Alien Force Lego, and thought that would be great for my 6-year old nephew. So I ordered it had it gift wrapped and waiting for an opportunity to give it to him.

This is first real Lego type toy that you have to build yourself, so we were sure how he would react. Well to say he loved it was an understatement. I think he spent almost an hour just staring at the pictures on the box and running around showing it to everyone.
When we finally opened it he insisted on making it himself instead of the usual make me do it. When he was completed I don’t think he let it out of his hand.

Now to the actual review, I must saw this thing really took me by surprise. It looks great sorry I didn't have a chance to take pictures. The degree of pose-ability is crazy on this guy with 19 points of articulation all ball joints. He is also a great size too. Perfect for 6-year olds of any age to play with.

Also in the back of the instruction booklet there are images of combined aliens made from combining various other Ben 10 Alien sets, Or also you can just make your own and let you imagination run wild. It wasn't long before my nephew was rearranging his arm lengths.
So in closing I’ll definitely be getting more for him and will probably pick up one or two for myself.

You can’t go wrong with Lego.
Thanks for reading, click some ads while you’re here if you want and see you next blog!