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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 13 Gamma World Part 2

Now for the second part of the Gamma World Experience, Again apologies for the lateness of these, never meant to fall so far behind. If its any consolation I'm snowed in. I probably shouldn't say that since it means I actually had more time stuck in my house to do it. So lets get down to it shall we.

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Original Air Date: 26/11/2010 Production Code:013

Writer: Michael Ryan
Directors: Vinton Heuck and Sebastian Montes

We follow on from the last part, where Leader has proceeded to phase two and has activated his Gamma Dome on a global scale. We see the Gamma energy passing through the city irradiating everyone it touches turning them into Gamma monsters, and what's even worse the dome is rapidly expanding well beyond the city limits.

Meanwhile blissfully unaware the Avengers are outside what's left of the Cube clearing up that mess, Stark informs us that nine Gamma villains are back in custody when the look around and see a new Gamma Dome and its heading their way.

"Good Job Avengers, Everything is fine, Lets just drop our guard and hang around here"

Hawkeye and Widow (Russian accented) tied up on the back of his sky scooter are heading towards the Avengers when they see the giant green dome. Widow (Non Russian accent) either recognises what it is of is just smart enough to know not to fly head first into is, urges Clint to head in the other direction. The head out with the dome chasing very close behind.

The Cube has been totally enveloped by the dome and everyone and everything therein is being transformed into Gamma versions of themselves. Everyone but Thor and Doc Samson. When Iron Man is transforming we see inside his chest and get a view of his heart1.

"Everything is still fine"

Samson is quickly taken down by Panther Hulk, Thor tries to appeal to his allies better nature, but unlike last time it didn't seem to have any effect, I guess Cap doesn't just doesn't have any implied romantic feelings towards Thor . . . go figure. All the Gamma beasts pile on Thor, even his Asgardian might cant hold off such overwhelming numbers.

Hawkeye and Widow seem to have gotten to a safer distance, seemingly by crashing the pooty pooty scoot cloud cycle. Widow has managed to free herself, The both dive for their weapon and we have stand off until  Jeffrey Combs  The Leader interrupts, Hawkeye takes advantage and shoots Widow (Still Non-Russian) in the chest and gets +1 badass points for it.

"Clint Shot First"

The Leader like any good super villains monologues his entire scheme for us. He sees the world for what it is, and all the weakness and  mistakes humanity has made. He is going to wipe it all away. His Gamma Dome will change everyone into stronger more power bodies, and with his power to mentally control them. He will make a better world, a Gamma powered paradise. Sounds like a good deal right?

During this speech we see glimpses of everyone around the world as the hear this message, we see Thor now unconscious, crowds of innocents watching on tvs, Pepper back in Stark Tower, Nick Fury, Hank in Wakanda with some stereotypical locals, Arnim Zola, Zemo and the Enchantress.

"Hello Children, Welcome to story time with uncle Leader"

While watching Hawkeye somehow manges to tie up Widow without moving. Widow says that with all the Avengers inside the dome, all hope is lost. Hawkeye says not all of the Avengers were inside and they have to find the Hulk. Widow says Hulk was last spotted in northern Canada early this morning. Hawkeye thanks her for the info, hops on his sky bike and jets off. Leaving Widow in the path of the dome and earning another +5 badass points.

Back with the Leader, Sterns had his Gamma powered Avengers bring both Thor and Samson to him for some much deserved gloating. Thor discovers he is without Mjolnir and Leader informs us that not even his Gamma powered Wrecking crew could lift it. Thor tells us only those worthy can life Mjolnir. Since Samson and Thor are unaffected by Gamma radiation they will have to take there place in the world as punching bags for the Leaders pets. 

"Oddly enough story time with uncle  Abomination wasn't that popular"

In Canada Hulk is fighting with the Hulk Busters with their Metal Gear Solid Gekkos. The guy with the cowboy hat ( and I still can't figure out who you are) calls in that the Hulk is down and ready to be captured, when Hawkeye uses his Anti-Helicopter Arrows™. Giving Hulk the opening he needed to punch some tanks. Hawkeye tells the Hulk he needs help to save the Avengers, Hulk fobs him off. Hawkeye earns +50 more bad ass points but getting in Hulks face and telling him he can either help him or be taken down! This seems to work and Hulk changes back into Banner.

Thor and Leader are engaging in a idealogical debate over why the Leader is entitled to lead this brave new world. it boils down to Thor giving the noble warrior's you are without honour argument, and Leader saying he is doing it to say mankind cause he is the only one smart enough to do it right. Both are valid and well thought out arguments. Which side are you on?

"Caption: Not Required"

Outside the Cube the Gamma Wrecking Crew are still trying to pick up Mjolnir to no avail, when lightening strikes the ground and the Hammer flies into the sky.

Bruce Banner uses his big brain to analyse all the data Hawkeye's pooty scoot scoot collected. He then created a temporary Gamma inoculation to protect people from the effects of the dome. Banner believe that if they can shut down the Gamma generator everyone should be okay, if it remains active for too long, the gamma mutation may become permanent. With all the brain work done, Banner Hulks up and jumps through the roof, silly Banner that was his own house, if it rains all his science stuff will be ruined . . .

"Not so smart are you now Banner?"

Gamma Abomination and Thor are trading punches, when Mjolnir smashes through the window. Thor does a heroic pose, ready to kick some ass. When the Absorbing Man envelopes him and takes Mjolnir's power for himself. All part of Leaders plan. Why he didn't just drive Creel out to the cube and have him do it that is beyond me. Maybe Leader just has a flair for the dramatic. Leader once more re-affirms his idealogical stance to Thor. Thor in response soils his britches. Gamma Abomination and Mjolnir Creel proceed to polish the floor with Thor's Asgardian face

Leader drops some numbers in fourteen hours the dome will have enveloped half the planet and another eleven after that the entire planet will have been consumed. Creel is probably sick of all Leader's jabbering at this point and dives out the window, using Thor to crushing his 100 floor fall. Leader make the rookie mistake of saying the line "No one is left to stand against me" So natural Hawkeye and Hulk bust through his wall.

"I really wish I didn't say that now"

Leader tries to impress his idealogical ideas on them, as he did with his debate with Thor. Hulk gives his classic rebuttal "Hulk Smash". So Hulk and Gamma Abomination face off. Leaving the Leader to Hawkeye. Leader calls in his Gamma Avengers. Luckily Hawkeye now has Anti-Gamma mutation Arrows™. The Avengers start to return to normal. The Leader pressed possibly the best designed emergency situation button ever.

Mjolnir Creel is pummelling Thor in the face, and getting more and more angry at Thor because he is refusing to fight back. Thor tells us he is concentrating , surely forming his arguments for his next intellectual debate with Sterns? Alas it was that, but something almost as clever on Thor's part. Since Creel absorbed his hammers power, a power that is Thor's alone to control. Thor realises he can control Creels body and sends him flying far far away. 

"In case of everything going to Hell, Press button"

Leader now in his emergency robot, is shooting at Hawkeye. Clearly this wasn't part of the plan because Sterns is getting increasing frustrated. On the roof Hulk and Abomination are engaged in a titanic struggle. They are evenly matched until Abomination dials up his Gamma disc powering him up even further. He has Hulk on the ropes. Hawkeye uses an Anti-Gamma Mutation Arrow™. This de-powers Abomination to the point where Hulk can punch him all the way across the desert.

That's all the goons dealt with. Now the leader, still angry states he has calculated a thousand ways to crush Hulk and Hawk, and is about to elaborate when Mjolnir Creel falls from the sky crushing his robot suit. This time Thor poses, and damn does he do it well. So the odds are kinda swinging to the Avengers side, Hulk the strongest one there is, a God and Hawkeye versus  the relative frail Leader. Instead of crushing him underfoot, Hulk decides they should destroy the Gamma Generator first. He just picks it up and flings it into orbit, resulting in the Gamma Domes collapse.

"Maximum Heroic Pose!"

The Leader's Gamma mutation seems to flare out of control, increasing the size of head even more, so much to the point where he can not even lift it himself. Leader laments about how it would have been perfect! Hulk shuts him up with a one liner.

With the dome gone, every one turns back to normal, and the Super Villains are contained, we only see Creel and Sterns being contained so the whereabouts of the others is uncertain at this time. With all the evidence Clay Quartermain decides Hawkeye isn't a traitor after all and it was Widow. With his name cleared he offers to re-instate him as Shield agent. Hawkeye declines and says he is going after Widow on his own. Tony offers him a place on the Avengers, and re-extends the offer to Hulk and the accept.

"The start of a beautiful friendship?"

In the desert Abomination is crawling along minding his own business when he is confronted by Zemo, Crimson Dynamo, Wonder Man, Enchantress and Skurge. What could they possibly want?

Check Your References:
1. In most Iron Man stories, they begin with Tony having heart trouble of some kind, which requires him to build the armour to keep him alive. In the early years, not so much today the risk of Tony having a heart attack from stress or the suit loosing power was a very real threat and often played out in the stories. In the more modern stories the heart problems have been fixed in various ways depending on your continuity. The currently comic book incarnation has no heart problems at all. It was slowly replaced by his alcoholism as his "main" character flaw, which is now replaced with "overwhelms arrogance and sometimes total douchebaggery", I better stop before this note devolves into a rant. But either way I thought it was a very nice throw back.

Another great episode, forgive its lateness, between Christmas and this Evil Space Flu Nano Virus™ I have contracted my updates have been slow of late. So all I've really been able to do it sit on my backside and recuperate. One of the symtoms of the Evil Space Flu™ is outbreaks of nostalgia, so I have been re watching The Centurions and Tekkaman Blade, which I wholly endorse and recommend you check out if you don't know what they are, and re-watch if you do :)

See you next blog, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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