Monday, November 1, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode List

Thought this might be easier to find the episode you are looking for if I index them all here.Each episode will link to the appropriate blog post once it exists. The air date is in  the format of DD/MM/YYYY to prevent confusion

Season 1
#TitleDirectorWriter(s)Air DateProd code
1"Breakout, Part 1"Sebastian MontesChristopher Yost20/10/2010006
2"Breakout, Part 2"Vinton HeuckChristopher Yost20/10/2010007
3"Iron Man is Born"Vinton HeuckBrandon Auman24/10/2010001
4"Thor the Mighty"Vinton HeuckMichael Ryan24/10/2010002
5"Hulk vs the World"Sebastian MontesKevin Burke and Chris Wyatt24/10/2010003
6"Meet Captain America"Sebastian MontesPaul Giacoppo24/10/2010004
7"The Man in the Ant Hill"Vinton HeuckChristopher Yost24/10/2010005
8"Some Assembly Required"Sebastian MontesBrandon Auman27/10/2010008
9"Living Legend"Vinton HeuckKevin Burke and Chris Wyatt03/11/2010009
10"Everything is Wonderful"Vinton HeuckBrandon Auman10/11/2010010
11"Panther's Quest"Sebastian MontesPaul Giacoppo17/11/2010011
12"Gamma World, Part 1"Vinton Heuck and
Sebastian Montes 
Michael Ryan26/11/2010012
13"Gamma World, Part 2"Vinton Heuck and
Sebastian Montes
Michael Ryan26/11/2010013
14"Masters of Evil"Sebastian MontesChristopher Yost05/12/2010014
15"459"Vinton HeuckJoelle Sellner12/12/2010015
16"Widow's Sting"Vinton HeuckKevin Burke and
Chris Wyatt
17"The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"Sebastian MontesAndrew Robinson09/01/2011017
18"Come the Conqueror"Vinton HeuckEugene Son16/01/2011018
19"The Kang Dynasty"Sebastian MontesBrian Reed23/01/2011019
20"The Casket of Ancient Winters"Sebastian MontesPaul Giacoppo04/04/2011020
21"Hail Hydra!"Vinton Heuck
Kevin Burke and
Chris Wyatt
22"Ulton-5"Sebastian MontesBrandon Auman06/04/2011022
23"The Ultron Imperative

24"This Hostage Earth"

25"The Fall of Asgard"

26"A Day Unlike Any Other"


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