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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 16 Widow's Sting

Here we go, a follow up on the Hawkeye and Black Widow storyline, also there may be some intrigue . . .

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Original Air Date: 19/12/2010 Production Code:016

Writers: Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt
Director: Vinton Heuck

Titles Assembled: Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Thor and Black Panther.

 This is the d├ębut of a slightly altered title card, after the team shot, when the shows logo is show and a new Avengers Assemble badge is shown in the lower right.

We begin with MODOC telling us that Baron Strucker wants the Cosmic Cube, an amazing devices that can make your every whim a reality. In fact he isn't telling us, he is telling Grim Reaper and asking for more money. Seemingly MODOC is somehow building this thing. When they are interrupted by one of Hawkeye's arrows to Grim Reaper's chest. I guess an clandestine meeting in broad daylight, on the open docks, with alot of troops and two giant ships wasn't the most subtle idea. Hawkeye leaps into action and before he takes them all down he wants to know the location of Black Widow.

"Lets meet in a well lit area"

Hawkeye uses old ninja trick #57, "When facing a bunch of enemies that are surrounding you, pop smoke and lets most of them shoot each other". MODOC tell us he will destroy the avengers only for a sonic arrow to hit him in the face, and his stubbly little are are hilariously too short to reach it. So that's MODOC and A.I.M out of the fight. The Hydra Octo Tank rises up and scoops up it's troops including Reaper and makes its escape. Leaving Hawkeye and the fallen goons on the dock. Clay Quartermain shows up telling him Fury wants a word.

On the Shield Helicarrier Fury is chewing out Hawkeye for interfering in a Shield operation, all Hawkeye wants to know it the location of Black Widow, Fury isn't that forth coming but does give some exposition in case you forgot what's happened between Hawkeye and Widow or just missed the episodes. With the necessary explanations out of the way, Fury warns the Avengers off taking on Hydra. It's too big and complicated and tells them to go back to beating on super villains. It's what they are good at. Iron Man steps in an agrees with Fury, if the Avengers go in it will only make things worse. Stark tell him the Avengers have their own mission, The Breakout, and they need to stay focused on that and not judgement clouding revenge. Hawkeye says when he is needed by the team he will be there, but he is still going after Widow and he doesn't need Shield of the Avengers to do it, he will go on his own if he has to and walks out.

"Ya got a little schmutz on ya there Clint."

In the hallway Cap and Black Panther follow Clint. Cap and Panther tell him if goes on this alone he will get killed, They offer to go with him, I have an issue with this and will elaborate in my rant at the end. When Bobby Morse, Mockingbird walks into shot1. I have a little rant about this too at the end. She is now a costume, turns out she took Hawkeye's spot on the Shield special ops team after he left, and has taken the code name Mockingbird. We also establish that its been three months since the events of "Hulk Vs The World". Mockingbird wants in on the mission, and against Cap's advices not to, Hawkeye agrees for her to come along.

They seemingly stole a Quinjet. Turns out Fury sent Mockingbird to give them the run around, but the aren't going to listen to her, they are following the signal of a tracer that Hawkeye places on Reaper earlier. He offers her a chance to join them or be Fury's stooge, she decides to help them.

"Hey Bobby we all have pockets and belts, What do you bring to the team?"

Grim Reaper is talking to someone and mentions the Fat Man2. Hawkeye and Mockingbird attack, exploding Reaper's car and taking down some awesome looking Hydra goons. There is a very nicely choreography fight between Reaper and Hawkeye, but alas they fall to the overwhelming numbers of Hydra. Reaper orders them to be placed on the transport and that Baron Strucker will be most pleased with his gifts.

The Hydra ship flies off only to be shadowed by Panther and Cap in the Quinjet, Maybe this was all part of the plan after all. They discuss the plans, Cap being from the 40's isn't sure about sending Mockingbird into such a dangerous situation because she seemed like "such a nice lady".

"So . . . do you have record players in Wakanda?"

Then we cut the transport ship where she is trading dirty jokes with the Hydra troops meant to be guarding them. She then uses the old he this chains a little too tight, you mind loosing them a little line, and one of the Hydra goons actually falls for it and about to help her, (Reaper is so going to have him and his family killed later). (un)luckily Reaper enters and stops the shenanigans and tells Mockingbird is she doesn't keep her mouth closed he will close it permanently. Reaper and goons leave them alone. They blatantly say aloud that the Avengers are tracking them (Hopefully Reaper isn't outside the door listening like he was just seconds ago), and they flirt with each other.

The transport ship activates a cloaking device, causing the Quinjet to loose all ability to track it. It docks with a giant Hydra base where Von Strucker is getting a report from someone who is most likely Viper. She tells she made contact with the Yashida Clan3 saying that their leader Gorgon4 is open to negotiation. But then Black Widow walking in lists off a bigger and long list of potential allies that she has opened talks with (in a non Russian accent) namely, Count Nefaria and the Maggia5, aswell as Alexsander Lukin6. Viper not wanting to be outdone by Widow tried to brag about A.I.M completing something for them but is silenced by Strucker before she can finish.

"Dammit! If I had pockets I could have brought along my lock picks."

Reaper enters Strucker's throne room with his prizes in chains behind him. Strucker stands to gloat and readies his gauntlet ready to suck the life out his prisoners. Viper steps forward and advocates they keep them alive as they may be more valuable as bargaining chips. Strucker seems to agree and orders them to be taken to the dungeons.

Meanwhile back at the Avengers Mansion, Iron Man is yelling at Cap and Panther for losing Hawkeye. Pym tries to search for them with the satellites, while Cap and Panther give Iron Man some sass talk.


Back in the Dungeon Hawkeye and Mockingbird are talking. We learn that Hawkeye can never trust anyone and isn't too surprised Cap and Panther didn't swoop in and rescue them, understandable when your always surrounded by spies, double agents and Nick Fury. Mockingbird tell him Iron Man is probably thinking the same about him right now, since after all this is all really happening because a girl lied to Hawkeye. Widow appears at the door of Hawkeye's cell. He is naturally mad at her and tell her she is dead to him, and she has a look of someone whose puppy just shook hands with a lawn more. I find that really out of character and not believable in this situation, see my end rant for more on this. Widow walks off with Hawkeye banging on his cell and yelling at her.

Mockingbird urges him to calm down when he somehow unlocks both of their cell doors and escapes, I'm not  exactly sure how he managed this so easily, it was an almost Black Panther level feat or someone else had to unlock it for him. All Clint says is that he picked up a few tricks growing up in a circus.

"Yeah, that's right! I called you a doody head."

In MODOC's lab we learn that the Cosmic Cube is very close to working and that it was originally envisioned as a way to keep siphoning money from Hydra and was never meant to work, but something has changed and MODOC wants to call Strucker.

Back on Hydra island, we see the A.I.M hologram fade as they end the call but we do not see what they talked about. When a goon runs up to tell him that Hawkeye and Mockingbird have escaped.

Cap and Panther are still flying around trying to locate Hawkeye, when Panther detects a communication on the Avenger's frequency. They have a location out in the middle of the ocean, and Cap sets a course.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird has fought their way to an armoury that seemingly has Hawkeye's bow and arrows, but If go back and look Reaper actually destroys his bow when they fought before being "captured". Maybe Hawkeye uses a standard issue Hydra Bow as well as being the true King of Wakanda?

"How Convenient."

With weapons in hand and ready to kick even more asses, they burst into Strucker's throne room. Trying his luck Hawkeye fires at Strucker who easily plucks the arrow out of the air. Hawkeye remarks Widow is his and Mockingbird can take the other one hundred and forty. The fight starts and its pretty awesome, Mockingbirds staff appears to be the staff of the Monkey King, which she uses to great effect. Her costume seems to lend her a gliding ability also. Viper throw a grenade which Hawkeye just picks up and throws back which always amuses me what that happens.

They battle isn't going so well, Hydra just has too much numbers, Hawkeye down to one arrow left decides to be heroic and tell Mockingbird to run for it while he holds them off. Yes Bobby run for it on the tiny artificial island in the middle of the ocean, no one ever said Clint Barton was the smart one. Thankfully before he can sacrifice himself Cap and Panther join the fight. Panther even has a new quiver of arrows for him . . .

"Extend Ryu Jingu Bang"

It isn't long before all the low level goons are dealt with, Strucker decides to cut his losses and activates the islands auto-destruct and begins his evacuation of the island with Widow guarding his retreat. Hawkeye has Widow in his sights, with just a regular pointy arrow, and is about to fire when he sees Viper take down Mockingbird, steps on her face and is about to finish her with a pistol. Clint fires and we get an awesome tracking shot of the arrows flights as it grazes Widows hair and knocks the pistol from Viper hand allowing Mockingbird to retaliate.

Strucker and Widow make it to a secure area and seal the door behind them, Hawkeye manages to squeeze through before it closes. Widow and Hawkeye! Round One! FIGHT! Before long they destroy each others weapons and have to go hand to hand. Widow clearly has the upper hand, delivering swift nerve strikes. Hawkeye goes down and Widow crouches over and and utters a goodbye. Strucker is pleased at Widows show of loyalty. Parts of the roof begin to cave in and Widows urges that they should leave. Before they leave Strucker wants to takes Hawkeye's life force with his gauntlet, its not looking good for our archer. Widows shoots Strucker from behind! ( but was really surprised by this? ) She picks up Strucker, apologises to the unconscious Clint and walks away her cover hopefully still intact. Nick Fury and his helicarrier arrives to get everyone out of there before the island totally destroys itself.

"Widow has a belt, hell even Strucker does and he is  a Nazi  evil"

And cue Nick Fury Chewing out Hawkeye, Cap and Panther. Cap said they took down the island which just pissed off Fury more, He didn't want Hydra Island taken down, not yet anyway. Well that's Fury for ya always in for the long game. He warns them against interfering in Shield matter again or he will personally end the Avengers. Fury dismisses them and they head back to the Mansion expecting another dressing down from Iron Man, but before that Hawkeye things Cap and Panther for helping, maybe he is learning to trust them after all. But alas he can't figure out why Widow saved him, which is very stupid on his part.

Strucker and Widow are waiting on a dock ( Hydra really needs to rethink its clandestine meeting locations ) when MODOC arrives and returns all the money Hydra has given them and tells Strucker the Cosmic Cube project was a failure and he will get back to him if he has any more weapons to sell him. Strucker can tell he is lying.

"Dun Dun DUUUUN"

If that wasn't enough for ya there is more, Mockingbird and Fury and in the Shield barber shop looking down on the corpse of Viper, but its not Viper its a Skrull!7

Check Your References:
1. In comics she is Hawkeye's wife, she died in the 80's but was a Skrull aparently . . . yeah . . . so she got better, we also seen he flying the shield craft in episode 05 Hulk Vs the world
2. Who could it be? King Pin maybe?
3. Clan Yashida, in the Marvel universe is one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Japan often associated with Wolverine and the Yakuza, notable members include Silver Samurai and Mariko Yashida.
4. The Gorgon, Tomi Shishido often Wolverine villian and recently associated with Hydra in Secret Warriors, he has the power to turn people into stone among other things. In the EMH Universe he seems to be leader of the Yashida Clan. 
5. Count Nefaria is leader of the Maggia ( thinly veiled version of the Mafia in the Marvel universe ) He has various power and abilities.
6. Alexsander Lukin, was General in the Soviet Military, the Red Skull transfered his mind into his body with the Cosmic Cube. An awesome story starting in Brubaker's and Eptings Captain America volume 5, which everyone should read.
7. An event similar to this is what kicked off the Secret Invasion Storyline.

A Fun episode but I have three main gripes with it, first of all is the bad characterisation or Cap and Widow, First of all from what we have seen of Cap I don't find it believable that Cap would just go against all orders to run off half cocked on a suicide mission, all because Hawkeye just wont let it go. Cap had no involvement with Widow he just decides he wants to run off an play cowboy. Panther I can see it happening even Hulk but not Cap. As for Black Widow she is a hardened super spy I find it quiet silly that she acts like a scorned puppy when Hawkeye confronts her at his cell, what did she expect? and if she is meant to be double agent infiltrating an evil terrorist organisation she should be a bit tougher than that and not act like a twelve year old. 

My third gripe is Mockingbird's outfit, first of all I'm not a fan of heroes ( either male of female ) running around fighting crime is such impractical outfits as not having pants. From the comics they chose her second outfit, which is just her first one minus pants, ever other version has been "practical" given she is a normal person not someone with crazy powers. It just bugs me.

Anyway rants over, see you next time for the start of the "Kang Trilogy".

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  1. Also, the destruction sequence Strucker says is "Fenris." :D