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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 15 459

This episode introduces us to the Galactic Empire of the Kree, and the some of the shenanigans they get up to, also Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers. It also answers some questions about Hank and Janet.

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Original Air Date: 12/12/2010 Production Code:015

Writer: Joelle Sellner
Director: Vinton Heuck

Titles Assembled: Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Thor and Black Panther.

The episode title is pretty self explanatory once you watch the episode, based on very similar character from the comics. Gotta give the creators kudos again for pulling this outta nowhere. I had no idea what it was and had to look it up.

We open with Hank and Janet visiting a research outpost high in the mountains, Janet is teasing/flirting with Hank when they meet Carol Danvers ( more on her later). Jan and Carol seem to be old friends. Turns out they need Hanks help with something they have discovered. The facility is a joint Shield Government deep space research centre using the most advance deep space radio telescopes available. Carol introduces us to Dr. Philip Lawson, lead scientist of the facility. Turns out Carol is a Major in the military and told him all about  Hank. Jan comments on his "cuteness" earning a sour look from Hank.

"One of these days Jan, straight to the . . . Wait what?!"

Anyway . . . back to the important matters, Carol shows us the object they detected yesterday with their sensors. Its moving fast and seems to demonstrate intelligence with its movements, oh yeah and its heading straight at us. It goes through the telescope in orbit, hits the facilities satellite uplink and crashes into the mountains.

At the crater, whatever crashed is looking through a scanner1, It scans a curious wolf, who growls at it and is promptly blasted to atoms. 

"She says the jungle... it just came alive"

Back at the observatory, Dr Lawson is trying to get systems back on line. Hank estimates the crash site location. Carol adopts the Star Trekkin' method of first contact protocol of "We come in peace, Shoot to kill" , she grabs a gun and they head out.

On the drive out Carol gives Jan a talking to. Telling her if she keeps teasing Hank they way she does, he will end up hating her. This explicitly states they are not a couple as I was kinda assuming up to this point. They arrive at the crater, Hank flies there on an ant, I can only assume he has a thing about women drivers. They start to investigate. Hank assures them its safe, their was no biological component, so there can't be life. You know what happens when we assume Hank?

"I can't think of a funny caption, please make up your own"

Predator-vision is watching all this, and scans close on Carols weapon. They sense something is watching them when an energy blast shoots out the forest at them. We see it has a personal cloaking device1. Janet panics and starts shooting wildly. They are faced with the age old problem of how to fight an invisible enemy. Hank summons an army of ants, who Carol ponders shooting . . ., The ants crawl all over the creature allowing us to see what it looks like2.

The Creature sends a shockwave than blasts the Avengers and Danvers, sending them flying. It walks menacingly towards them, for the first time we see it in it's true form3. Hank recommends no threatening moves, since we don't know its motivations, it may be only defending itself. So the women decide to start shooting it ( take that gender stereotyping! ). Hank orders Jan to stop, The creature disarms Carol and then seems to lose interest in them, instead focusing on the observatory and walking off. Hank sends Carol back to the observatory to warn them while Hank tries to slow it down. Hank goes giant.

"This always works, every time"

Back at the observatory Carol is back and is telling Lawson they have a problem, when Hank's giant form ( as effective as ever ) comes flying in through the roof. The creature soon follows, Janet and Carol attempt to hold it back but there weapons are ineffective. The creature appears to be searching for something that is in the observatory. It tries to blast the power core, but Hank grabs it from behind sending its blast awry. The blasts some kinda of power box and explodes. Lawson shields Carol with his body, giving them both a probably unhealthy dose of radiation.

Hanks giant form performs up to par again by directing the rogue energy blast at section of the roof that falls on Jan, before getting zapped himself. The creature gets blasted from behind, but by who? where Dr Lawson was standing, now is a blue skinned alien warrior in funky space armour. He names himself as Geheneris HalaSon Mahr Vehl, Pluskomander of the Kree Void Science Navy4 and orders the creature to stand down. The creature ignores it and once again tries to blast the power core. This time it is successful, and it explodes.

"Mahr Vehl, Geheneris HalaSon Mahr Vehl"

The Observatory explodes spectacular, They manage to escape, but Carol is injured. They take her to a hospital where the other Avengers meet them ( Hulk, Iron Man and Thor ). Mahr Vehl is them briefing them on the situation. He tells us about his people, the Kree. One of the galaxies most ancient civilizations, and they are at war with the Skrulls5. Wouldn't you know it Earth is a very strategic location between the two empires. He explains the creature is actually a Kree Sentry robot, that is sent to "de-fang" any natives that could pose a threat before the Kree come and set up shop. Hank notes good thing it got destroyed.

Mahr Vehl tells us, it didn't Sentries can't be stopped so easily. He tells us that each Sentry contains a Nega-bomb capable of wiping out a planets entire populace, and giving the fight they just gave it, he can only assume its countdown is already active and probably less than an hour left.

"Thor isn't even paying attention"

At this revelation Jan tells the Hulk to smash Mahr Vehl! I mean why Jan, he is clearly trying to help us and told us where the bomb was and on top of it all she isn't the team leader ever other Avenger there probably outranks her. Hank is once again the voice of reason. Mahr Vehl tells us he is a scientist, and was here to study humanities potential, since they are unique among all the civilisations they have encountered. They are special. Thor and Iron Man meet this with doubt and antagonism. Mahr Vehl pleads with them to let him help to stop the Nega Bomb. The Avengers agree and Janet tell Hulk to smash him if he acts funny. I'd like to note here for anyone who would like to give Hank Pym stick about the wife beating, Janet here is quiet clearly a big rascist!

The Sentry is taking a leisurely stroll to kill time until the Nega Bomb is ready to detonate. It decides a drive in  theatre is the best place to end humanity. This is where the team catches up to the Sentry. The plan is to expose the core of the Nega Bomb that will shut it down. The hard part? all the Sentries armour in the way. Hulk tries it his way first. The Thor steps up but they Sentries countermeasures are too great. There goes that music again, clearly another great homage to The Day the Earth Stood Still.

"This year's blockbuster"

Hank goes Giant and is actually useful this time, he holds back to tentacles to allow Captain Marvel6 to get his shots in. He starts to get pasts it's head armour, when Janet decides to be jealous and racist and give Hank a hard time over him standing up for Marvel. This must have annoyed the Sentry too cause it launces a barrage of missiles at her. Hank shields her from the impact but is injured in turn. As he is loosing consciousness he is trying to tell Jan how much he loves science but only gets as far as "I love . . . " before blacking out.

With new found power from the anger of having Hank "die" before she could finish nagging him, Janet goes all out and flies through the tiny breach the Avengers had made in the Sentries armour. Once inside she starts blasting all and sundry, This is enough to shut down the Sentry to allow Hulk to rip its head off and tear its armour to shreds.


This clearly got the attention of the Kree High Command, it projects a hologram of Yon-Rogg7 wondering what the flark is going on. Mahr Vehl implores Yon-Rogg to stop the Nega Bomb, telling him Humanity can be a valuable ally and doesn't need to be wiped out. Yon-Rogg doesn't see it that and bids him farewell to burn with the rest of Humanity.

Marvel starts working on the bomb. He can defuse it but there isn't enough time left before it detonates. The Hulk remarks he will probably survive8. With no time left Marvel picks up the bomb and flies it up into high orbit. The selfless act of sacrifice makes Jan feel guilty about being such a racist biddy now. Marvel gets as far away from the planet as he can before succumbing to the extreme low temperature and frosting up and beging to fall back to Earth along with the bomb. Iron Man catches Marvel and Thor takes the slack on the bomb tossing it far out into space.

"How'd you solve the icing problem?'"

Back in the hospital Carol and Hank are still unconscious, with their team mates standing a watchful vigil. Thor is whining that Iron Man had to catch him as he fell from orbit. Oh that Asgardian pride. Marvel warns that this isn't over, the Kree will be back and wont under estimate the Avengers this time. He  says he will try to appeal to the Kree Supreme Intelligence for Earth's safety but they must prepare for the comming storm9. He says his goodbyes and teleports away.

Later Wasp is sitting with Hank, doing the standard apologising for being a jerk to the coma patient routine when Hank wakes up. Wasp wants Hank to finish what he was going to tell her when Carol wakes up and his floating about two metres about her bed and glowing yellow. This in case you hadn't noticed Carol Danvers is in fact the costumed (or will be) hero known as Ms. Marvel

Check Your References:
1. The scanner looks very predator-esque don't you think? as the does the cloaked shimmer effect.
2. Bears a resemblance to Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still along with the musical cues? or is it just me?
3. The colours and proportions are also reminiscent of Eva-01.
4. Yes he is Captain Marvel, but not the red, black and yellow on you may be been expecting. They have gone with the straight up Ulimate version. which is pretty cool I must say. The way he orders the Sentry to stand down is pretty much the same as what he did in Ultimate Secret #1
5. The Kree Skrull war was story line that ran in the Avengers 89-97 way back in 1972.
6. The "blasting mode" Marvel assumes is the same as the one used in the comics or so I thought. but I flipped through my old issues of Ultimate Galactus and didn't see it. But I'm 100% sure I've seen that configuration before but can't find where, Maybe it was Ultimate Marvel and its homaging something else, Be sure to tell me if you what I'm thinking of.
7. In the comics Yon-Rogg is a Colonel in the Kree, he is a white skinned Kree as opposed to blue here.
8. He probably would he has survived point blank nuclear strikes on a few occasions and survived.
9. Refers to Operation: Galactic Storm a 19 part cross over even over many titles in 1992 that involves in Avengers intervening in another Kree/Skrull conflict to protect the Earth.

A very enjoyable episode, introduces some great Avengers concepts, the Kree and the Skrull. Carol Danvers is a great addition to cast. It really laid out what's going on between Janet and Hank. Maybe it was clear to a non comics reader, but I was kinda just assuming they were a couple of sorts. They probably are now after this. Really looking forward to more Kree and Skrulls. See you next time.

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