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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 14 Masters of Evil

Here we go with the Masters of Evil

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Original Air Date: 05/12/2010 Production Code:014

Writer: Christopher Yost
Directors: Sebastian Montes

Titles Assembled: Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Thor and Black Panther.

This is the first time we see all the team together in the opener.
The title is a reference to Masters of Evil, a group of super villains generally associated with Baron Zemo in some way. There has been about eight different incarnations of the team so I wont do into too much details.

When we start off we see Whirlwind zipping through the streets of New York, we catch a glimpse of the says news Headlines1 before they are obliterated. Janet is hot on his heels. The Chase leads to a convenient construction site, Janet realises something is wrong when Whirlwind isn't responding to her witty barbs, that and when Enchantress reveals herself, followed by Crimson Dynamo, Skurge, Simon Williams and the Abomination. Janet clearly out numbered and out gunned decides to fight ( she is smart like that ) when she is shot in the back by Zemo. Let this be a lesson to all you would be super villains out  there. This is how you take down heroes, separate them and crush them with overwhelming numbers.

"This Just in! The Thing Ate my baby!"

We start with T'Challa and Hawkeye talking about the team, Hawkeye goes through the entire roster listing out everyone's short comings, Everyone except Cap anyway. Panther tells us that his powers come from juices of a sacred herb, Hawkeye of courses eats some. Then T'Challa tell him is a deadly poison to anyone not of royal blood. So I guess that's the end of Hawkeye.

Later that night at the Mansion Tony is working on his armour. We hear him telling Jarvis to configure the suits of modular and interchangeable deployment to he will be ready for anything. Jarvis tells us that the Wasp's signal has returned. The lights go out and Crimson Dynamo and Zemo abuse Tony, and without his armour he goes down easy.

"Jarvis did you just hear a Crimson Dynamo? Nah, just my imagination"

Next up is Hulk watching dogfood commercials2 but he is rudely interrupted but Enchantress and Abomination and kicked through a portal into the Realm of the Frost Giants Jotunheim3. That's Three down.

Now Cap is training in the Danger Room or whatever Tony called it, when Skurge and Simon Williams double team him.  With Cap down Zemo gloats. Enchantress asks "What of Thor?" Zemo tells her not to worry for now only Thor and Ant Man remain. He uses Janet's ID card to send out the Assemble Signal.

"Now with 30% more Kirby Krackle"

Thor is taking Jane Foster for a walk and talking about his daddy issues. Their eyes meet and Thor is probably about to ask her to hold hands or something when his ID card beeps. So Thor flies into action. 

Arriving at the Mansion Thor finds it deserted until Zemo emerges from the shadows, and tells Thor to kneel. I have to say Zemo is really quiet intimidating here. The rest of the Masters of Evil teleport in, needless to say THOR DOES NOT KNEEL! Combat ensues. Even when Enchantress somehow neutralises Mjolnir Thor still manages to put up a decent fight. but alas even the Thunderer must fall before such overwhelming power.

"Hammer Blocked"

All seems lost, but then we see Black Panther and Hawkeye survieling the aftermath, Hawkeye seemingly survived his taste of Wankanda magic juice, which can only mean either T'Challa exaggerated its poisonous properties of Hawkeye is in fact a scion to the throne of Wakanda. I know which theory I subscribe to. Clint recommends calling Shield and the Hulkbusters and hitting them hard and fast. Panther disagrees citing property damage and team mate safety. Really I think its because he is so awesome that he can solo the Masters of Evil. 

We see Zemo walking the halls of the mansion, carrying Cap's shield as a souveniour, we learn from his conversations with Simon Williams ( who he calls Wonder Man for the first time ) that they have all been promised something to join the Masters. Williams gets his humanity back and Crimson Dynamo gets Iron Man. Zemo proceeds to where Cap, Stark and Janet and being held to gloat over them. 

"Behold! Wakanda's True King"

Meanwhile Hawkeye and Panther stealth their way into the mansion, as Enchantress is having her way with Thor. Abomination is questioning why Zemo is the one giving orders, and Zemo swiftly demonstrates why, because he is better!

Hawkeye and Panther begin two separate attacks, Clint taking on Zemo, Enchantress and Abomination in the interrogation room and Panther taking Skurge, Dynamo and Wonder Man. The fights ends pretty fast. Abomination grabs Hawkeye and the other three walking with a disabled Panther in tow. With that Tony wakes up and chews out Hawkeye for not bringing in Shield. All seems lost again.

"And that's why he is in charge"

Zemo is gloating, he likes doing that, trying to decide who to kill first. When Hawkeye and Panther reveal they were just a distraction to allow Ant Man uninterrupted access to his lab. As if on cue Hank appears with a gun, and asks Zemo to stand down. Zemo orders the Master to tear him apart. The gun seemingly was for the express purpose of destabilising Wonder Man. With Williams gone Pym discards the weapon and shrinks down. Dynamo is able to track him. Pym runs at Abomination and gives him a swift and awesome Re-Bigulation kick, like his Re-Bigulation upper cut from Man in the Ant Hill. 

Hawkeye and Panther manage to free the other Avengers! As you can tell it's on now! Stark runs out of the ordering Jarvis to ready his armour. Thor Mjolnir in hand summons Hulk back from Jotunheim, and Hulk is not a happy camper. Hulk charges Enchantress but her faithful servant Skurge tackles him. Cap takes the opportunity to take his Shield back from Zemo.

"Christmas Hulk No Like Magic Woman"

Simon Williams managed to re-constitute himself, Hank Pym tries to talk to him. Williams reveals he has to do what he is told of he will die, since Enchantress' magic is what is keeping him alive, and with timing Iron Man shoots him.

Now with all the Avengers Assembled, the tables are really turned and both teams clash in epic battle4.  Once the Avengers have the upper hand, Enchantress teleports everyone away. Leaving Tony with a humongous repair bill. The Avengers have some banter, Most of the Avengers are kinda clueless as to what happened. Thor speculates that they have defeated many foes, and defeat does not sit well with them. Cap on the other hand thinks there is more to it based on Zemo's actions.

"Well that wasn't an intentional shot or anything . . . "

At the Master HQ there is bickering and Enchantress says it doesn't matter is all a game and they are her pawns. She walks off and secretly informs Loki of what happened.

"Dun Dun Dahhh!"

Check your References:
1. Again the Excelsior Newspaper is used to reference the rest of the word, The Secret School is of course the X-men's school and Baxter building tenant replaced by aliens, is most likely a Skrull reference.
2. The dog food brand is a reference to Jack Kirby. I shouldn't have to explain who he is, but trust me even if you don't know his name you have seen his work.
3. Hulk getting sent to the frost giants is similar to the plot of Hulk VS Thor.
4. Both teams running at each other and then an explosion might be a reference to 90's X-men title sequence where something similar happens.

Another great episode, it jumped around a lot focusing on all the different characters, fleshing them out and maybe giving some set up for future story arcs. I'm really liking the Thor as an awkward lovesick puppy, its a cute angle they are going with. The Janet and Hank Image after the fight was a clever dig I thought.

See you next blog.

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