Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode 05 Hulk vs the World

This is the third mini-episode compilation, this one is the Hulks.

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Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:003

02 The Coming of the Hulk
07 Hulk Versus the World
10 This Monster, This Hero
19 Beware the Widow's Bite 

02 The Coming of the Hulk

We start off in the desert ,with a guy walking along the highway on his way to Las Vegas. He sees a police car and hides his face, the officer stops and the man runs. The man hides in an alley and loses his tail, but seems to be in pain before laying back with a look of relief, but moments later a tank or some other threaded vehicles passes the mouth of the alley, and the man runs off.

Inside the tank a soldier is giving a report that Bruce Banner/The Hulk is in the area, wonders why since he has avoided populated areas for months. They commander General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross doesn't care, he wants Banner in custody and radios Samson at the Cube for a containment unit, this can only be Leonard "Doc Samson" Samson.

Banner now is somehow accessing information on the Cube and its various "guests" on the screen we see The Leader , the Abomination and the target he is looking for. Now with his location Banner heads to the vital Sign Diner orders a definitely de-caf coffee and engages in conversation with the big pointy dude sitting next to him. Who turns out to be Carl "Crusher" Creel, that's right the Absorbing Man!  That's why I love this show, who outside of comics would even know this guy? sure he has been around but the only spotlight I associate with him is Secret Wars back in 1984. Anyway Banner tries to reason with him, saying he isn't with Shield, and found him via is Gamma Ray Emissions and admits to being an expert on the subject. Says he knows he was in the Cube.

"Bruce Banners Facebook: Abomination wants to add you as a Friend"

He explains the Cube was built to contain people altered by radiation gamma or otherwise, and that instead of helping the captives, they experiment on them wanting to make them into weapons, a fast eye will catch The Leader, Zzzax and dangerous abominations who I cant put names too, granted my knowledge of the Hulk's rouges gallery is limited. Creel isn't interested, absorbs metal from the cutlery and throws Banner outside saying he knows who he is and  has wanted to throw down with him for a long time. Banners eyes glow green . . . uh Oh I wonder what that means . . .

"You wont like me when I'm hungry"

After a pretty impressive Hulking out sequence we see for the first time in all his glory, The green machine, the Incredible Hulk.

07 Hulk Versus the World

Two Apache-ish attack helicopters are heading towards Creel and the Hulk, the pilot is wearing a cowboy hat, so we should recognise him, I don't due to my limited Hulk history knowledge, please feel free to educate me. 

Hulk and Creel pound on each other, not really doing any damage. Creel mocks Banner for trying to protect people by taking the right out into the desert, this only makes Hulk madder, and we all know what happens when Hulk gets madder right? Hulk now strong enough to really beat down on Creel. Creel absorbs rock thinking he is a great lad ( he is not ) Hulk Smash Puny Rock Man! Hulk has Creel down and pleading for mercy when he gets a missile to the face, how rude! leaving Creel as a disembodied head.

"Sorry sir, We don't serve breakfast after 10"

Hulk realises its his old friend General Ross with a battalion bearing down on him. Ross all his Hulkbusters to open fire! Hulk trades blows with the tanks and helicopters, when Ross gets the order to stand down in a Russian accent. We see Hawkeye, Black Widow and a unit of Shield agents ready to drop into the battle zone. Hawkeye plants two arrows in his chest, as he and Widow land in front of Hulk. Hawkeye stands up and gives a line that made me literally laugh out loud.You'll see when you watch it.

10 This Monster, This Hero

The title of this mini-episode could be a reference to the classic story from Fantastic Four #51 This man, This Monster. Which means i'm going to have to pay more attention to what these episodes are named in future, anyway. 

The smoke clears Widow and Hawkeye are surprised to see the Hulk unhurt, he politely tells them to run cause they made him angry. Widow and Hawkeye now engage the Hulk with trick arrows and the Widows
's bite wrist weapons, and they seem to be doing some damage to the Hulk, which doesn't make sense HE'S THE HULK. This is more to display Hawkeye and Widow's fighting abilities than anything else. Ross orders his men to fire on the Hulk, even with the Shield agents present. And for some reason the widow has lost the Russian accent she has five minutes ago.


The Hulk intercepts the missile but the explosions damages the shield jet, Hawkeye calls to the pilot to get out of there. He names her as Morse, so she has to be Bobbi Morse, which was cool even if they don't use her again, but I think they will. The Jet is about to crash land, The Hulk sees a clear path to escape but chooses to save the jet instead, and as a thank you Widow shoots him in the back and he is carted off to the Cube for internment.

Hawkeye, now identifies as Shield Agent Clint Barton, enters the Cube as he walks along the corridors we see Bi-Beast ( I guess this is where he has been hanging out the last 15 years or so since anyone last say him), Leader, a woman who can change into green mist and other gamma powered creatures. We see doc Samson telling Bruce he can cure him, Bruces says there isn't a cure and the world needs the Hulk, Samson takes some blood and leaves. Hawkeye wants to know why the Hulk saved his people, he is having trouble seeing him as the monster he was told he was. Banner tells him the captives in the Cube are to made into weapons and they want to Hulk too, and now they have his blood . . .

"Bi-Beast hits the Big time!"

Samson puts the blood in storage and we see a lot of names, of other blood samples Ironclad, Veo... or Vec..., Bib..., Leader, Madman and Abonimation, if anyone can decipher the rest fill me in? i'm sure they will be revealed eventually anyway.

19 Beware the Widow's Bite 

Clint leaves Banner, pondering what he has learned he sees Widow acting strange so he tails her. She takes the Hulks blood sample and attempts to leave. He tries to access her computer to see what's going on. It also confirms this is Natasha Romanov as the Black Widow, not that we had any doubts it, but you never know.
Hawkeye goes through a humorous list possible passwords before hitting on the right one, Red Room, nice little reference there too. The Red Room is where Black Widows are trained.

She has her Russian accent back again, we see Widow arranging with Hydra! to deliver the Hulk blood. Clint follows on his Hawkeye flying Jetski bike think . . . Hawkeye stops the exchange and confronts her about betraying him! they were partners for years. This whole scenario is very similar to the Ultimates Volume 2 where the Widow betrayed her team, murdering Hawkeye's family among other things. Widow frames Hawkeye for the betrayal, kills the Hydra agents and calls Shield to take down Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is taken to the Vault on Widow's orders, and to be places in solitary. Her Russian accent is back again, she seemingly only uses it when she is taking to evil people.

Now I don't know whether to call Widow for being evil or being a double agent, trying to infiltrate Hydra, in the comics she is/was a double/triple/quadruple agent up there with Revolver Ocelot, so she may be a good guy all along, But since they clearly used the Ultimates story line for inspiration, where she was actually evil and did betray everyone. So who knows, personally I don't like it. I prefer widow when she is not evil, and hanging out with Punisher and Shang Chi, anyway see you next time for episode 06 Meet Captain America.


  1. Ironclad, Vector (mostly yellow and orange guy), Vapor (mist lady) and X-Ray (skull face): The U-Foes, major enemies of the Hulk, think evil Fantastic Four.

    Also, not positive, but I think the armored guy with the star on his chest may be Sunturion.

  2. @grodd-is-king thank you, much obliged. My Hulk rogues knowledge is severely lacking, I only started properly reading him since World War Hulk.