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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode 04 Thor the Mighty

Like Iron Man is Born this is the second compilation episode Origin, this one features, the son of Asgard, The Odinson, The one who would have words with thee, the one, the only, the Mighty Thor!

"In the red corner . . . "

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Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:002

05 Thor the Mighty
08 The Siege of Asgard
11 My Brother, My Enemy
12 The Isle of Silence

Like the last one i'll break this down by mini episodes

05 Thor the Mighty

We start off with the Wrecking Crew (incidently powered but by Asgardian Magics, in the comics anyway) stealing StarkTech from the docks, A Gamma Energy Emitter. Some Paramedics respond to a "Code Blue: Super Villains" to attend to the SWAT and police guys (Whose guns appear to be shooting real bullets!) getting wrecked by the Wrecking Crew. The lady paramedic leaps from the ambulance and starts helping, putting a neck brace on one of the fallen officers, while her companion is too afraid to move. 


Thunderball with the Gamma Energy Emitter (GEE!) takes aim at pile of fallen officers but a hammer like object flies in an knock his aim astray, and him along with it. Hammer flies back and we get our first glimpse of the Mighty Thunderer! with some lightening for effect. He tells the mortals to stay back while he deals with these villains. The Wrecking Crew are not impressed Bulldozer charges and is effortlessly knocked away. Piledriver blind sides Thor (Take note of this, I'll elaborate later #1), But Thor knocks him out only for the Wrecker and his enchanted crowbar (I'm serious) to hit him from behind (#2).

"The first of many . . ."

Thor being the noble warrior he is, offers a chance of surrender and mercy. Wrecker politely declines. Thunderball wakes up and knocks a crane over ontop of Thor (#3) The Wreckers are pleased with themselves, well until Mjolnir flies out and pastes them all against the walls. So Wrecker takes the female paramedic hostage, Oh boy does this ever piss off Thor, he takes a leaf out of his foes book and has Mjolnir blind side Wrecker and ends the fight. 

"How to page someone: Asgardian Style"

Fascinated by this mortal women who with no weapons or powers entered the fray to help the wounded. she introduces herself as Jane Foster. As Thor was probably about to as her if she was on Twitter or Facebook or something, Heimdall appears with a message for Thor, that Asgard is under siege and he is needed most urgently. So Thor steps into the portal, presumable leaving Ms. Foster the task of taking the Wrecking Crew into custody.

08 The Siege of Asgard

We see Asgard indeed is besieged by Frost Giants, Hurling giant boulders at the walls, its not long before the keep is breached and the Frost giants are inside, and it is revealed that their leader is a little green and gold dude with horns on his head. Who is voiced perfectly by Graham McTavish, seriously this guy needs to be in more stuff. We the warriors of Asgard ready themselves, if your quick you'll catch Balder and the warriors three.

Thor appears before Heimdall who gets him caught up, That the Odinsleep draws near, so their king grows weak. Basically its all up to you Thor! Make us proud boy. Thor promises to fell a Frost Giant in his name, twirls Mjolnir and then he is off. Now we see Asgards troops trying to hold off the invaders. Balder runs straight up a dudes sword and stabs him in the eye killing him! The Warriors Three (well two of them) using team work to take down more, while Valstagg gets punted through a wall, its not long before the Frost Giants have the upper hand and all Asgards warriors lay defeated.

"I kill Frost Giants"

Thor appears with an "Have At Thee"! The Frost Giants appears to be a match for Thor. Now Odin (Who seems to have both his eyes!) watches the battle from afar through the eye of this ravens. Thor gets the upper hand on one, when another drops a tower on him from behind (#4) Thor has hand enough of this frozen tomfoolery! He says thee Nay! and calls down a mighty blast of lightening from the heavens, The Frost Giants looks ready to wet themselves (which is even less pleasant when you are a Frost Giant) When Loki steps in an tries to pull a Captain America on Thor by encasing him in ice(#5). This only slows Thor down long enough for a Frost Giant to slam his against a wall (#6) and he drops Mjolnir! And them with him down three Frost Giants start pummling him (#7) Then one, he is probably their leader of someone important cause he appears in episode 06 also, picks up Thor and is going to eat him. luckily Mjolnir is always ready to fly to his hand for some quick dental work. Now back  Thor once more summons his Lightening from the heavens, and with a "FOR ASGARD" it strikes down the Frost Giants, fries them good and crispy. Thor get about 2 seconds to celebrate before an energy blast knocks him through a wall (#8)

11 My Brother, My Enemy

So now with his minions felled, Loki decides to take up the fight himself. Thor tries to reason with his mischievousness brother, telling him they can be allies again, The Sons of Odin. Loki's rebuttle is a kick to the face. Thor calls Mjolnir and begins to fight back and quickly overpowers Loki, and prepares to cast "Lightening III" again, but Loki teleports out of the way and reappears behind Thor (#9) Thor sallies and offers Loki a chance to stand down again, he refuses and Thor effortlessly bring Loki to his knees before Odin. Odin says you have gone too far this time (voiced by the glorious Clancy Brown) and we get what makes Thor stories great, two dudes waxing lyrical with grand speeches.

"Thor really needs to stick a mirror on Mjolnir or something"

Odin banishes Loki to the isle of Silence, once there he screams out, but there is only silence! Odin tells Thor that he must stay in Asgard, it is his place not among the mortals of Midgard. Thor vows he will be there when Asgard calls, but his place for now is Midgard (Earth) and walks off leaving Balder, Sif, The Warriors Three and Odin looking on.

12 The Isle of Silence

Asgard is at peace, as Thor leaves for Midgard. but a character in green watches after him who could it be. Back on the Isle of Silence Loki is thinking back about how he his plans got him into this mess. It began with his tricking the Frost Giants to attack Asgard, and how disguised as the Leader he ordered the Wrecking Crew to steal the GEE! and has the Enchantress disguised as a woman on the balcony send Thor to the docks ( Thor is a simple fellow and doesn't ask why a lady high up on a balcony knows the docks are under attack) Back in Asgard Balder is telling Odin that he thinks Thor is getting too involved in Midgard and a mortal has caught his eye, Jane Foster, but of course this is Loki disguised again.

"All part of my cunning plan"

Back in the present, Enchantress appears to Loki on the Isle of Silence, she has a goon with her. She casts a spell that allows them to speak. She tells him all is going to plan. Loki laughs and says no one is ready for what comes next!

Thor's voice is a bit of a let down for me, that's probably because Thor is so built up in my head that it would be impossible for a voice like that in my head. His voice is younger than I would have liked, but this is a young and in-experienced Thor who just stepped foot on Midgard, and not the Odinforce wield Powerhouse Thor that i'm used to. Probably that and since Loki and Odin's voices we absolutely prefect it just highlighted my disappointment a bit more. But all in all it was a great introduction to the character if you weren't familiar with him, and I cant wait to see more!

So I'm sure you were all keeping track like I said. So thats nine(9)! times Thor was cheap shotted/side swiped/blind sided in twenty two minutes. Well you can blame them he is the God of Thunder! attacking him from the front its probably the least safe place. Which must annoy him something furious since he is all about the noble warrior, one on one fair fight schtick. Just something I noticed and thought I'd share.

Couldn't find a place to theme song, but their album "Welcome to the Wasteland" is pretty awesome, I really like War on Love! so anyway see you next time for Episode 05 "Hulk vs The World"

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