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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 10 Everything is Wonderful

This Episode introduces Simon Williams, Wonder Man, Well I was pondering his if he existed and if he was related to Grim Reaper back in "Iron Man is Born" and now we get some answers, also MODOK! 

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Original Air Date: 10/11/2010 Production Code:010

Titles Assembled: Captain America, Giant Man, Iron Man, Wasp and Thor.

The Title refers to Simon Williams superhero name Wonder Man, I don't believe is explicitly stated in this episode, but there you go.

The episode starts out with a man one a table with MODOK performing some kind of experiment on him, infusing him with some sort of energy, (ionic energy to be exact). The test subject sees Thor bust through a wall, Wasp is buzzing about MODOK. The man is visibly concerned by all this, it the experiment wasn't bad enough now all the shots being fired around him . . . It can't end well. Now we see the energy is changing him. His physical body seems to transform into the energies he was being infused with. Not sure if they is reference worthy, but his transformation body -> skeleton -> nervous system is kinda reminiscent of Dr Manhattan's transformation in Watchmen #4

We flash back to three hours earlier, Simon Williams is in Tony Starks Office confronting him about Stark buying up all the stock in Williams' company, He begs him not to continue, to not take the company away from him. Stark informs him he is now the majority shareholder. Williams' storms out swearing he wont let him get away with this. Stark tries to call him back to explain but he doesn't listen. Hank who was de-bigulated inside some equipment on Stark's desk appears and starts lecturing him about ethics. Its a really nice character exchange here and genuinely funny.

"Hank took it a little too literally when Tony said the files were in the computer system"

Wasp and Thor are chasing some A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) goons who were peddling weapons. I really must point out that Jan and Thor make a great duo. Thor damages the AIM ship so they can follow it back to their base, so they can "beat 'em all up" Janet Van Dyne, Tactical Genius.

Cap is in his room, brooding and being sad about there not being and more record players, Jarvis alerts Cap that he has a visitor in the foyer. Its non other than Nick Fury himself! He asks Cap to come with him, says he has something for him. Cap being the trusting lad that he is goes without question (everyone was nice and trustful in the 40' well except the  Nazis  Hydra and the commies).

"Come with me Cap, its okay I have candy"

Simon Williams in his limo is asking for help from his brother Eric Williams, Grim Reaper . . . not help with his business portfolio or his investment strategy, but he wants Stark taken down, I think I know why your company was going under Simon. I must say that Lance Henriksen's voice work here is just stellar.

He brings him to the people who made his scythe and  gave him his powers, telling him they will give him power too, power to crush Stark. Those people are of course AIM! MODOK floats into view, tells Williams that they can remake him, stronger, faster, harder etc. Make him into something that can take on Iron Man. MODOK assures us that his humanity will remain intact, that the Zeta beam will infuse him with Ionic energy giving him limitless power! Williams goes with AIM goons 456 and 248 to prepare for the procedure.

"I told you not to buy so many shares in Beer for Kids, Next time listen to your financial advisor"

MODOK explains to Reaper than no one has ever survived this process, Reaper does not seemed too bothered by this news. He wan't an update on the weapon Von Strucker asked MODOK to create. MODOK takes great offence and says he will get his updates when MODOK decides! With that Reaper takes his leave.

Back to Cap and Nick they are standing infront of a Barber shop1, I squee'd a little when I saw it. Cap and Nick enter and sit in barbers chairs, Cap quips that his hair is already regulation length, when it clearly isn't with that little Fonzie curl in the front, Made it was different in the 40's. Cap with this cool Avengers jacket over his uniform ( I actually really kinda want one now) sits down and they descend to the secret sub levels. Nick is looking at a monitor2 he quickly shuts off. Nick smirks and takes Cap to the real prize.  Cap's old bike! Nick tells us that his father passed it down to him. Nick tells us his Father was Sergeant Jack Fury3. Nick tells Cap he was his idol, and anything Cap ever needs Shield will provide. Cap asks if he can trust him (  oh the 40's I want to visit you now) Nick tell him he can, when it counts.

"Say it don't spray it, of Sufferin' Succotash"

Back to Stark, Hank is still lecturing Stark this has to be going for almost Three hours now, give it a rest Pym, This why no one invites you to go places. Stark confronts him what its really about, Ultron4. seemingly they have worked together in the past, and it didn't work out well. Five years ago they worked together to map a human mind onto a machine. Stark tried to shop it around to the military to make weapons, Hank disagreed and this lead to their falling out. Tony proclaims he is different now. Hank tells him just because he isn't making weapons doesn't mean he isn't hurting people. This exchange again was pitch perfect and great character building I loved it.

The craft Thor and Jan were trailing arrives back at its home base. This just happens to be same base where Simon Williams is going to undergo his Ionic procedure. In fact its just about to start. Thor and Wasp bust into chamber, We are pretty much caught up to where we were at the beginning of the episode. Thor's reaction to MODOK is again priceless, I could probably watch and entire show of this Thor just marvelling and being confused at the modern day Midgard. This MODOK is apparently MODOC,5 so yeah ill take note. Like a Frost  Giant's Head on an Infants body.

"I think this image really speaks for itself"

MODOC is temperamental chap and blasts Thor back out the hole he came in through. We see one of MODOC's errant blasts his the Ionic infuser and caused and overload of power to go into Simon. Which leaves him standing there, before promptly flying through the roof. MODOC is of course very happy with himself, his experiment worked! Then he gets hit in the face, and when your MODOC that's a lot of face to hit.

Back in Stark tower, Pym and Stark are still bickering. When the building shakes Iron Man goes out to investigate. He finds an great big hole in his office, and a being of Ionic energy standing there waiting for him. Williams literally starts taking his armour apart piece by piece. Williams is ranting at Stark about him taking everything from him, all the while bouncing him off walls. Stark tries to explain but Williams wont give him a chance. Tiny Pym in his flying ant steed (who really needs a name) shows up and tried to reason with Williams.

"Listen to me, for I am Tiny Pym!"

Williams swats Pym away, but this gives Stark a chance to get the drop on him. Pym tell him to leave, Stark says he cant leave. Pym rather matter of factly says I didn't tell you not to come back. This is one of favourite exchanges in the whole series so far. Pym calls Avengers Assemble and re-bigulates. Williams tackles him and  by both fall about a hundred stories. Their powers prevent any major damage.

Jan and Thor are moping up what is left of MODOC and his goons, Jan is bantering, and its relatively humorous. MODOC doesn't agree, but this isn't his blog. Thor moans about mortal science and its abominations again. With that MODOC makes his escape is his hand escape rocket. Thor shield Jan with his body from the rockets blast. Thor and Jan make it relatively unscathed, Thor is a little on fire but it doesn't seem to bother him and I think he was flirting with Jan . . . with that they get the call to Assemble.

"I bet Hank couldn't take being set in fire like this, what say you fair Jan?"

Giant Man is fighting Williams, Williams himself grows to giant size, and Pym doesn't have a boat full of innocent people to throw at him, so he isn't sure what to do. all the while Pym is trying to reason with him to, he seems to be getting through to him. Williams shrinks down and has pretty much stopped and is ready to talk, and in true Avengers fashion Iron Man charges in without really evaluating the situation. He is wearing an additional Exo-Suit upgrade to his armour, kinda Hulk Bustery but different.

This only serves to set him off again and he starts blowing pieces off his new armour. Tony is down and Williams is about to finish him, when Cap, his new bike, awesome jacket and rocking a cool helmet saves the day. He kinda looks like a cross between classic 40's look and Ultimate Cap.

"Seriously, someone make/buy/tell me where I can get that Jacket"

This is the first we see that the Ionic energy is unstable. Cap and Iron Man start double teaming him. While Pym is pleading with them to stop and talk it out. Williams is getting more and more unstable. Pym and Stark are brain storming a way to help him. Stark believes the Ark reactor6 in building will be able to contain and stablise him.

Stark is trying to get him inside, but Williams is fighting him every step of the way. and totally destroys Stark's armour. The Avengers plead with him to get inside the reactor but its too late. He looses cohesion and disappears.

"Who is the jerk now Hank?"

Stark now explains why he bought his company, not to be an ass but to save it. He wanted to work with him to develop his great tech and ideas. But now its too late. I bet Pym feels like a real jerk now for giving him such a hard time over it. Much later when the Avengers have left, Williams reconstitutes somehow. It turns out it was Enchantress' magic that brought him back. She seems to be collecting villains for some evil purpose . . .

Check your References:
1. Barber Shop, The Barber shop secret entrance to a Shield Facility is a long time land mark of Marvel
2. On the monitor we can see, New York from the first scene in the Opening Credits, The Heli Carrier, a blank/dark screen, The Cube with damage, more New York, The exterior of the Barber Shop, possible a cave obscured by Cap's manly shoulder with green gamma gas, more city and possibly a white house like building.
3. See episode 06 Meet Captain America.
4. God I love foreshadowing.
5. MODOK/MODOC is an acronym originally Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, there have been different version with different acronyms through the years Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing, Mental Organism Designed Only for Genocide etc each with a specialised function. This version using the MODOC spelling is Mental Organism Designed Only for Conquest. Probably the killing part couldn't get past the censors.
6. This is reference to the movies, the Ark reactors are the power sources for the armours that Tony designed in a cave.

I'm really liking Pym's characterisation the more we see. He is the lab scientist, driven by urge to make breakthroughs and discoveries, fighting and being outside the lab isn't his thing. Thanks about it Transformers Prime aired this week too, I'd recommend it so far. Maybe I'd do an episode guide for it, but I want to see a  few more episodes before I decide to commit to something like that. Well i'm almost up to date no. Just a Black Panther ;/ episode and the Gamma World double episode! see you next time.

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