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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 08 Some Assembly Required

This is the real first episode of the series, well what I call the real first episode, the Breakout was the two part pilot to get you hooked. This is the episode that can make or break any show. Will it disappoint? will it wow and amaze? watch it and decide or read on gentle-viewer . . .

Original Air Date: 27/11/2010 Production Code:008

Writer: Sebastian Montes
Director: Brandon Auman

Titles Assembled: Hulk, Giant Man, Iron Man, Wasp and Thor.

The Title of this episode is an allusion to the Avengers Battle cry "Avengers Assemble!"

We start with Mandrill, The Rape Monkey robbing some place, The Avengers engage him and Wasp gives us a brief run down of his powers. He has pheromones that make people generally women susceptible to his suggestions and he is a mandrill, essentially Mandrill the Rape Monkey sums him up. Mandrill things he is a great lad and threatens tiny little Jan, until Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man and Hulk show up and he craps his monkey knickers. One Super Villain down Seventy Three to go1.

"Ah Crap"

A Shadowy figure is prowling along the docks at night, which seems to be filled with nefarious night shift dock workers, who he makes short work of. I thought it was fairly obvious who it was but I wont spoil it just yet.

Pepper is waiting for the Avengers to show up and Hulk is there on time, while all the others are late. Thor is the first to show. The Banter again is pure gold here. Then the Pyms arrives (I know they are not married in the show just I just cant not think of Janet and Hank as the Pyms) Thor makes some more of his classic observations about Hank. This episode has me rolling on the floor and its only three minutes in. Stark is even later, this makes Hulk grumpy, you wont like him when he is grumpy. 

"No need to fight over little ole me boys . . . "

Stark explains why they are here, to show them Avengers Mansion, the new headquarters of the Avengers. Stark gives us the tour, the kitchens, the bedrooms, the theatre/lounge this whole scene is full of great character moments shown as Stark is talking. Then he hands out their new Avengers ID cards they serve as ID cards and communicators. Hulk is grumpy/rude/defensive when Pepper tries to show him how it works so Thor takes it upon himself to defend the ladies' honour. Stark breaks it up by opening a secret door and revealing the important part of the mansion, the vast underground high tech part.

Now for tour 2.0 shows them Hank's lab, the armoury, and the hanger with two prototype high speed aerial shuttles with an air speed of Mach eight, that's right folks Quinjets! oh and they go into space too. The Avengers trademarked transport. Then onto the  Danger Training room which is a nice excuse to show off what out heroes can do. Hulk of course doesn't get into the spirit and just smashes his exercise granted that's what Hulk does, but he is just rude about it. Stark taunts/teases them all but telling them that was the easy setting level one, and it goes all the way up to level ten.

"And if you look to the right, you will see where I keep the vast underground complex"

Next step on the tour, The Assembly Hall. Hank questions why are they all here, He brings up the most wanted list, the list of escapees from the super prisons, Shield has Graviton and now Mandrill but that leaves seventy three more to go. While watching this Hulk's inner Banner tells him not to trust them, they will only lock him up too when they are done with him. Another great character moment, Jan being friendly waves at Hulk who scowls back at her, then she just starts making faces at him.

Stark tells us he is working with Reed Richards2 on a new Prison3 outside of this dimension in the Negative Zone4. Hulk and Thor want to go bust heads while the big Brains Stark and Pym want to plan things a little more. Jan suggests they all take a break. Hulk walks off rudely and Thor confronts him again. Hulk is more than happy to throw down. Stark steps in and tries to get them to play nice and reveals that Thor and Hulk are to live at the mansion full time. Hulk storms off.

"No need to fight over little ole me boys . . . "

Later that night, Hulk is laying on a tiny bed. When inner Banner is talking to him again, but then another inner Banner is shown in chains, the real Banner! so who is goading the Hulk? It is none other and Amora, The Enchantress!

Back at the Pyms place Hank is seen working on an Ultron5 head, just stop it now Hank it wont end well. Jan is all excited and happy about being part of team and making a difference, Hank is dismissive of the whole thing. He says just cause Tony Stark says they are a team does not make it so, A team needs trust that only comes with time, and they are just five random strangers. This gives Jan the idea that she should move into the mansion full time.

"Hank we keep telling you Ultron is evil and will kill us all! stop building it!

Meanwhile The enchantress is messing with the security system. Jarvis alerts Thor who responds in his finest God-Speak "What be thing concern ethereal voice?" the delivery was just perfect. Thor urges Hulk to come with him to patrol and maybe find battle, inner evil Banner pushes him to attach Thor. Thor of course doesn't back down, Hulk says he quits and leaves the mansion. Pepper calls Thor and tells him he has to go get Hulk, he is their responsibility now.

Hulk just walking along trying to clear his head, of course all the civilians are running and screaming. When Thor lands infront of him and asks him to come back, Thor and Hulk not being the most subtle of people lead to the inevitable fight. Thor gets punched into a building.

"No need to fight over little ole me boys . . . note: Hank Pym is in the middle just too small to see"

Nick Fury comes to visit Stark to give him and the Avengers his blessing, Saying he will help when and if he can behind the scenes and unofficially. Pepper interrupts to tell Stark about the big Green problem. Stark says for the first time of many I hope the immortal words "Avengers Assemble". We see everyone's ID cards flash and they stop what they are doing to come help. Kinda like in M.A.S.K when Matt Tracker gathers the suitable agents for the mission.

Hulk and Thor are engaged in glorious battle in the middle of Central Park,  they are not the brightest. Wasp is first on the scene and tries to calm the Hulk, Thor just punches him in the face. Iron Man's turn, but his armour detects strange energy that must be affecting the Hulk. He recognises it as similar to the energy Mjolnir gives off. Thor speculates he must be enchanted with Dark Magics!

"No Caption Needed"

Hulk charges and Giant Man grabs him and drops a one liner, Hulk just flips him over like being thirty metres tall was nothing to him. I laughed quiet hard at that one, I even had to pause it for a few moments to re-compose myself. Thor attacks again and gets shrugged off, Iron Man tries and Hulk totally clothes lines him, all the while standing atop Giant Man's giant head, Then jumps onto his shoulder and punches out Hank! Ladies and Gentlemen I gives you a reason why this is awesome!

Hulk slaps Jan and is about to crush her in his hands, when good inner Banner breaks his chains and the enchantment. Bringing the Hulk back to his normal self. He gently sets her down and flees. The Battle is over, Iron Man is checking to see if everyone is okay, when he just a gigantic Axe into the chest, and given the depth it has penetrated it has to have cut open his rib cage.

"Giant Axe Out of F***ing nowhere.!

Amora the Enchantress reveals herself along with her ever faithful lackey/love interest Skurge the Executioner, he hasn't been named yet, but that's who it is. Thor reveals he knows these, as Tony's armour "bleeds out". Thor explains they are both Asgardians. Hulk is skulking in a dark alley, inner Banner is urging him to go back and help. Wasp, Giant man and Thor try to fight back but aren't going to well. Iron Man says his armour is leaking energy faster then he can charge it so he can't do anything. Is this the end for our heroes? tune in next week to find out. Just kidding. Armora orders Hanks execution, Skurge readies his giant axe for the strike, when the incredible Hulk arrives. Skurge gives a warriors smirk. Hulks arrival is enough to allow Thor and Wasp to free themselves. Now Mjolnir in hand, he is ready to bring the thunder.

Enchantress scoffs at Thor's feebile attempts, saying she does not fear his thunder, and his magics are no match for hers. Thor bad assily responds he wasn't aiming for her. With that Iron Man stands up, super charges, power reserves at 214% percent, and the self repair system kicking in, I guess Thor is getting the hang of this team work thing after all. All juiced up and ready to go, Iron Man orders his team to take them down.Hulk and Wasp take Skurge, Tony and Thor take on Enchantress. Hank I presume is talking to bees or something somewhere. Amora tries to control Hulk again, this sends Hulk into a rage, giving the Avengers the edge they need to take her down. With his lady fallen, Skurge picks her up and flees.

"Insert He-Man Reference Here"

Thor has accepted Hulk and offers a hand of friendship. Hulk doesn't forget so easily, he doesn't want any part of the Avengers after they attacked him, saying they are not better and Ross or Shield and leaves. The remaining four Avengers return to the mansion, where The shadowy figure from earlier, The Black Panther is watching them for whatever reason.

We see the Hulk has fled to the Arctic where he, presumably can get some peace. He lets out a mighty Hulk roar, causing the ice all around him to crumble, revealing Captain America's shield as he jumps away.

"Guess what the next episode is about"

Check Your References:
1. Iron Man is referring to the events of "The Break Out" in episodes 01 and 02.
2. Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four.
3. Prison 42 was the inter dimensional Prison Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank Pym designed after the Camp Hammond disaster as a safe place to hold super powered inmates.
4. Negative Zone another dimension, far removed from ours, a primary playground for the Fantastic Four.
5. Ultron is a classic Avengers enemy, a sentient A.I. who just causes no end of trouble.

Another all round great episode, this one has some great character moments, most without dialogue, just facial expressions or just characters doing something that show us who they really are. Like Janet being friendly to the Hulk, Thor wondering at the computer controlled house, Skurge smirking when a warrior of great power challenged him. This is what makes a good show/story/comic/anything into a great show/story/comic/anything.

See you next time for Episode 09 Living Legend.

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