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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 07 The Man in the Ant Hill

This is the forth mini-episode compilation, this one is Captain America.

So I noticed that each episode has different characters assembled before it fades to silhouette, depending on what characters appear in the episode. So ill be adding a new section that lists who they are.  

For an index of all episodes go here

Original Air  Date: 24/10/2010 Production Code:005

03 The Man in the Ant Hill
13 Enter the Whirlwind
20 The Big House
17 Welcome to Wakanda

Titles Assembled: Hulk, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Wasp and Thor

03 The Man in the Ant Hill

The title is a reference to the first story Hank Pym appeared in way back in Tales to Astonish #27 (1962)

We start out in the jungle, with a convoy of Jeeps heading towards some scientist, who just happens to be guarded by Shield agents. Who go down rather easy (most likely dead). Then we see Doctor Henry Pym, I'll probably end up calling him Hank more often than not, just because that's how I always known him. He tells us he is researching the rare mineral Vibranium, The only sample they found outside of Wakanda. He is working directly for Nick Fury and he likes to talk to his ants . . .

"Hi this is Hank Pym, Antman, Giant man, Yellowjacket, Goliath, The Wasp and Scientist Supreme (Not affiliated with A.I.M) you may know me from . . . "

But before he can do anything the doors are literally blown off their hinges and Ulysses Klaw and his gang storm into the room. He wants the Vibranium for his nefarious deeds. Pyms talks tough and cracks a little wise. Pym tried to talk it out, and resorts to the hard way, flips a control on his belt and we see his Pym Particles fly into action for the first time, and poof he seems to dissappear.

Klaw's men start falling to an unseen force, and we see its actually a teeny tiny Hank Pym taking them down. So naturaly they try to shoot him with shotguns . . . seemed logical to them I suppose. Klaw whips out a weapon that actually has a chance of hitting him, his sonic blaster thingy. Pym struggles to make his way to an emergency big, very BIG red button. The entire lab and all its contents now shrink down.

"Now You see me . . . "

Pym controlling his army of ant, take down claws men, Hank does a really cool move I like to call "The Re-Bigulating Uppercut". With that Klaw flees, leaving Hank with his cool Sonic gun to play with. Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp appears, presumably with the fresh batch of Shield agents that just arrived. Thats pretty much it, Hank asks Jan to make sure the ant done eat his shrunken mercenaries, he is so thoughtful.

"Re-Bigulation Uppercut! Go!"

13 Enter the Whirlwind

Back in Hank and Jan's Home/Lab. Jan is worried that Hank is too caught up in his work, and paying her enough attention, even though its because of her great business management ability that he is able to have all is science . . . yeah I thought that was vague too. Luckily a Super Villain attacks before we have to get too deep.

"Jan, we talked about this, you can just run around like that"

Hank looks up, and sees an open window and a pile of Jan's clothes there, so either she has gone streaking for is out trying to stop super crime (possibly naked). We see a taxi driver reading a paper and references abound! First the paper is called Excelsior which is of course Stan "The Man" Lee's catch phrase, we see two headlines, one is Vigilante "Punishes" again and a skull logo, this is referring the Frank Castle the Punisher, hopefully we get to see him. The other headline Man-Like "thing" stalks upstate this of course everyone favourite plant based monster whose burns all those who know fear, The Man-Thing. That was three really nice fan nods.

"Fanboy Sqeeee!"

A Tornado is tearing through the streets, we she Jan, who is wearing clothes, in her shrunken down wasp form. Hank calls her up wondering where she is, cause he just did dome science and wants her to see. She blows him off in favour of trying to stop this tornado thing. The Tornado stops and reveals itself to be Whirlwind, He didn't take kindly to being shot at by Wasp. There is tussling and banter, eventually Jan pops him one in the eye, knocking him down. More tussling ensues, a police car gets sliced in half. Jan cracks wise about how he could have used his powers to help, but nope he is just going to end up in the Big House. Hank sends a giant swam of flying insects to stop Whirlwind.

"Maybe she will be useful afterall"

Hank tells her, they should leave this work to Shield and the professionals, they aren't trained for this, they cant be running around after super villains, Jan disagrees. Whirlwind blows off the insects and starts hurling blades, Janet dodges re-bigulates herself and gives Whirlwind a point blank full power blast to the face. That really puts him down. Hank notably impressed. Jan again points out, this is what they should be doing, and they should be doing it together cause they have the power to.

20 The Big House

Now we see the Big House is an actual location and Jan wasn't just using slang, cameos include Mandrill, Arnim Zola (Non Nazi) who seems to be playing a Gameboy Advance, The Grey Gargoyle who is enjoying afternoon tea and crumpets . . . , and are those two Ultron type guys as guards ( that will never end well)

Whirlwind attacks, destroy the two Synthezoids (Ultrons) when a giant hand breaks through the roof and pins him. Oh looks its Hank Pym. We see its not actualy giant Pym, its actually a teeny Whirlewind, shrunked down inside a teensy shrunken prison. See Big House is ironic! 

"The Pyms take their table top gaming very seriously"

Nick Fury thanks them for help, Hank voices concerns for the Big House, who he reveals is a super prison for those with altered genetics. He is worried that the prisoners aren't being rehabilitated. Fury wants to hire Wast and Antman, Pym refuses, saying if he wants weapons, he has Tony Stark for that.Fury explains that Whirlwind was working for Pym's old buddy Klaw. Its revealed Whirlwind is a mutant, he says to call the Mutant Response Division to handle him.

In his cell Whirlwind is disgruntled, a voice in the next cell tells him to stop his foolishness, The voice tells him that he is the Mad Thinker, he explains there are four majot Super Villain Prisons, The Big House, The Raft, The Cube and Vault. He tells us catastrophe is evitable, implying they will all be free very soon. 

"Eez Batroc Za Leeeeper!"

While the Thinker is talking we see a lot of headshots they include: Constrictor, Juggernaut, Wrecker, Piledriver,The Leader, BATROC!! Grey Gargoyle, Abomination, Strucker, Zemo and a mysterious figure whose eye start to glow I wonder who he could be . . . 

17 Welcome to Wakanda

Before we get started, I really don't like Black Panther, I've tried but I just don't like him. He is just the Maryiesy of Mary Sues, he exists just to be perfect at everything, Super Rich, King of his own country, super intelligent, super fighter, super and making gadgets and the list goes on. The whole Panther subduing the Silver Surfer with an arm lock . . . that just sums it all up really. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

"I don't like you"

We start off with M'Baku the Man-Ape challenging the current Black Panther, T'Chaka (who I go like) his son T'Challa ( . . . ) pleads with him not to do this. They fight, its a fight to the death. Its actually a pretty cool fight sequence. Panther naturally wins, so Man Ape cheats, and has a sonic device aimed at Panther to disorrient him and cause great pain. Man Ape proceeds to beat the life out of him, despite Panthers valiant struggles. Man Ape literally punches his face off . . . No one realises he is cheating, so no one tries to stop it. Its the Law you know.

T'Challa is not pleased. with one final might blow T'Chaka falls, and so does Wakana, and T'Challa's heart. M'Baku is now the rightful king of Wakana. T'Challa flees to the panther temple and takes on the mantle of the next Black Panther ( oh Joy . . . ) It was Klaw who helped Man Ape, and as part of there agreement Man Ape gives Klaw all the Vibranium.

"Why couldn't you have send T'Challa to fight instead"

I liked Pym's character in this although I really hope they dont bring up the whole wife beater stigma he has, It's totally blown out of proportion and undeserved. Its not like Jan cant take a hit, its her job to fight giant robots. Go read the Avengers run where it happened around #213. Many more heroes and gotten away with much much worse and no one ever mentions it. Thor fought for the Nazis for two issues, no one ever mentions that? Hell Batman makes a twelve year old fight for him on the streets . . ., Hal Jordon killed all his friends and destroyed the Green Lantern Corp (well he still gets stick for this sometimes) anyway.

so that is all the compilation episodes and now onto the series proper.  See you next time for Episode 01 Breakout Part I

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