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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 17 The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

This is the first part of the Kang Trilogy

For an index of all episodes go here.

Original Air Date: 19/12/2010 Production Code:017

Writers: Andrew Robinson
Director: Sebastion Montes

Titles Assembled: Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp Thor and Black Panther.

The title is a reference to 1979 full length novel by David Michelinie where the Avengers fight Kang in the 40th century. It was also the name of a storyline in the New Warriors in the 90's but that had nothing to do with Kang or the Avengers.

We begin in high of orbit of the Earth as Kang's time ship materialises, one of his minions is reading out a status report of various systems, mainly weapons and cloaking technologies. Kang wants to know the when they are, it is chronal date 0028241.423, the very early twenty first century. Kang is staring at Princess Ravonna, who is still in stasis after the events of  "Meet Captain America". His minion informs us that the target is located, in a place called New York City. So it begins.

"I don't care how big or HD your screen is if its hung crooked"

In the Avengers Mansion, Cap and Tony Stark are having breakfast, well Stark is, Cap is reading the Newspaper while doing one handed push ups. He asked Tony what is a futurist, since they didn't have those in the 40's. Stark explains that its a person who tries to anticipate the needs of the future, and in his case create the technology to facilitate it. He gives the example that they were both reading the newspaper, just Tony's was delivered digitally and displayed holographically. Cap asserts he likes paper newspapers (and record players). He points out a picture of Iron Man fighting a giant robot and from the picture its clear he doesn't know how to fight and asks to meet him in the Training Room1.

News travels fast in the Avengers Mansion, Hulk and Hawkeye take seats to watch the epic bout. Cap and Tony enter the instant Boxing Ring. Needless to say Tony can't lay a hand on Cap, and lands on his ass a lot. Cap tries to instil in him that he relies on his armour too much, and needs to able to fight without it. Tony just blows him off saying he has a suit to handle everything. On a side not we never actually see them hit each other, quick cuts just before the point of impact. Probably some censorship thing, can't have the heroes actually hitting each other or it will destroy children's minds and cause the downfall of civilisation.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the peanut gallery"

Meanwhile uptown at the  potential crossover  Baxter Building, Thor Antman and Wasp are leading  Captain Cold  Blizzard to entrance to the Negative Zone Prison 422. Pym explains that after the Breakout Reed Richard, Stark and himself got together to brain storm ideas on how to stop it happening again. The prison was idea number 42.

After a pretty cool transition we are inside the prison, that seems to be run by Ultron! who seems polite for now. Gives us a short bio on Donald Gill aka Blizzard aka Captain Cold. Ultron then wraps him in a force field to transport him to his cell. Here we get to see just how immense prison 42 really is. Each cell seems to have it's own personal Ultron unit serving as warden and guards. I probably don't need to tell you one homicidal Satan robot is bad enough but have an army, running your prison. Pym that's just asking for trouble.

"Who wouldn't trust that face"

Back in the mansion Cap and Tony are suiting up ( for no real apparent reason) and exchanging there own personal philosophies again. Tony is about getting better smarter tech to anticipate the threats before they become threats. Cap is about getting the basics, training, not having to depend on technology that can fail.

Just then a portal opens up and Kang in his Kirby-Tech Floaty Chair emerges. Kang tells them he comes from the future to introduce him to his little friend. Ironman's forcefield it able to fend off the first blast and Jarvis activates the mansion defences.

"Lets not fight in front of the kids any more"

Kang's technology just shrugs off everything the mansion throws at him and promptly blows them all up. He has Iron Man by the throat an is amused by how primitive his armour is. Cap tries to blind side him with a shield throw, but Kang stops it with one finger.

Back in 42 Pym is explaining the Negative Zone to  us  Thor. He also explains about all the Ultrons, they cant be hurt or corrupted like human guards and are programmed to help rehabilitate the inmates. Pym notably proud of himself, and Jan states what we are all thinking "That's a lot of Ultrons Hank!" When there Avenger's  ID cards send out the alert calling him back to Earth.

"Face it Rape Monkey, you are safer on that side"

Kang effortlessly flings Cap's shield back at him knocking him against the wall and throws Iron Man into the other wall. Kang turns back to go in kill the man he came here for, Captain America. but in typical Cap style he isn't where you left him. Iron Man tries to analysis Kang's technology to find out what's going on. What parts of is that aren't impenetrable to scans are totally incomprehensible to current level of technology.

Cap tries fisticuffs again, Kang's shield stop and hit from connecting. So he takes to time to explain his whole shtick to cap. He is Kang the Conqueror, he comes from the 41st century and has come back for sole purpose of eliminating Cap from the timeline. He blasts Cap back, Iron Man takes the opportunity to fire a full powered Unibeam at Kang, with seemingly no effect. Cap recovers quickly and tells Stark to stay focused.


Iron Man tries to reason with Kang, asking why would he want to take out Cap, Kang's response is to save the world. We know from previous episodes this is true, Kang believes that somehow Cap is to blame for his Timeline being erased. Before he can explain more Hulk arrives and throws Kang through several walls. Hulk is actually able to get through Kang's fancy future force field. Hulk is more than happy to crush Kang into paste, but Iron Man stops him and wants him to explain what he meant about Cap and Saving the world. Kang explains his plan again in more detail. Then he lets off a electroshock gizmo than floors the Avengers, he is about to kill Cap when Mjolnir blindsides him ( do I need to start counting again? ) Kang summons his chair and transports the Avengers to the future to show them what has happened.

It's a wasteland, Kang against states that this is all Cap's fault, in an effort to get them to give up and let him kill Cap. We see New York as big pile of burning rubble. Kang tells us this isn't even his time, its just ten short years into the future. Everything is gone, every one is dead, even the sun is dying. No Kang tells us it was a war between the Kree and the Skrulls3 that did this. Yeah I know his argument for Cap being responsible kinda falls apart here doesn't it? Hulk has had enough talk from TALKY FUTURE MAN!

"Think I'll just post images of awesomeness from now one"

Kang then explains he is going to kill Cap, and then take over Earth and advance it with 41st century technology to prepare for the Kree and Skrulls. Cap says if he really is responsible he has to stand down. Iron Man starts a speech than sounds like they are going to capitulate to Kang, but in the end doesn't cause Kang is a Jerk and orders the Avengers to attack.

Of course like the 50 other times they tried it Kang shrugs off the attacks, Pym sends a mountain of cockroaches at Kang which separates him from his chair. The Avengers throw everything they got at Kang.  The do more damage to each other than to Kang. Cap orders Iron Man to get to chair, its their only way back. Stark doubts his ability to do anything buy Cap tells him he is the only one who can.

"Shields Up"

Iron Man attempts to interface with the chair, while Kang continues to take the Avengers apart, that is expect Mr. Awesome himself. Black Panther manages to damage Kang's back with his claws, even apart hulk punching him in the face did nothing. He is just that good. But then Kang shoots him and I cheer! Stark tries to understand the chair as the awesome fights continues. Kang sees what Stark is trying and goes to stop him, The other Avengers try to run interference.

Just Thor and Cap stand between Kang and Tony now. Thankfully Tony is struck by inspiration and activates the chair. Stark cites Cap's earlier advice about going back to basics as what gave him the idea. Turns out that as advances as Kang's future tech is, it is still based on tech that was developed in the 21st century, Stark Tech infact.


Stark transports every back to the present and turns Kang's stuff against him, and Thor hits him with Lightening IITM. Kang swears vengeance and transports back to his ship the Damocles. Leaving the Avengers to ponder just what the hell happened.

Back on his ship Kang uncloaks a gigantic armada and prepares to conquer the Earth.

This was a really good episode, great action and a start of the three part story, So I urge you onto the next episode!

Check Your References:
1. Tony Stark has received combat training from Cap in the comics, which used to mean something but now it seems like half the Marvel universe has been trained by Cap, even some villains.

2. 42 in the comics, its pretty much the same as Pym explained here.

3. Kree/Skrull War was pretty big Avengers Story line in the early 70's following a war between the Kree and Skrull with Earth stuck in the middle.

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