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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 18 Come the Conqueror

Now part two of the soon to classic Kang Saga.

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Original Air Date: 19/12/2010 Production Code:018

Writer: Eugene Son
Director: Vinton Heuck

Titles Assembled: Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Thor and Black Panther.

We begin this episode continuing from where episode seventeen left off, with Kang swearing vengeance. His ships being materialising all over the planet. They being launching drop pods from which emerge Kang's robot army. While Kang watches from high orbit with a smile on his face.

Earth's Military are fighting back, but taking a beating. Even the helicarrier task force lead by Nick Fury. Fury puts a call out for the Avengers. Of course the Avengers are already on the scene and fighting back against the robot army1. The Avengers seem more than than capable to take these things down, but they have numbers on their side, too many robots, too little time.  Genius McSmarty Pants  Black Panther theorises that it must be Kang given the design of the robots. Kang launches a second wave of robots, he calls them Scarabs. Thor and Wasp are fighting them in the air, Wasp's powers seem woefully ineffective against them.

"Lots of crying kids in this one . . . War is Hell"

Back on the Shield carrier the second wave looks like its coming in to finish them off. Thankfully Ironman intercepts them. Thor be Ironman's side is revelling in battle, claiming he can smash more then the Hulk2. Ironman asks at least to pretend to be concerned. Thor states he has faces such overwhelming odds before defending Asgard. (plus he is a God).

Ironman scans a Scarab and confirms this is Kang, then a giant floating Kang head appears to gloat and tell us he is really her to save Earth from the coming onslaught3. Under his rule, Earth will be strong. With that all the Scarabs the Avengers had defeated just stand right back up like nothing had happened. They were playing possum, Now the real fight begins. Cap starts giving everyone orders, Hulk gives Cap the stink eye but follows them anyway.

"Gamma Stink Eye"

Of course Black Panther is still able to effortlessly take these things down. Hawkeye runs out of arrows, they are being corralled, things looks grim, But Wasp flies in with a Quinjet (she got bigger stingers) which thankfully seems to do some damage. They Avegners regroup and try to figure out why these thing are attacking the city. Nick Fury calls and tells them, its not just the city Kang is attacking tactical target all over the planet.

We see Scarabs flying over the Great Wall of China, on the pyramids, London4 and Wakanda. Back in the mansion Fury is briefing the Avengers, telling us every major city has fallen or will soon and we are running out of time. Pym is having trouble coming to terms with the destruction on this scale, and Fury asks Stark for help with the flying disks. Cap tells T'Challa he needs to go take care of Wakanda ( I like to think Cap dislikes him as much as I do, and sends him away every chance he gets ). They decide they need to find Kang and take the fight to him. Stark is the only one who can do it. They rest of the Avengers go back out there to try and buy him as much time as they can.

"T'Challa I don't know how to tell you this but . . . Your Off the Team"

The Scarabs stilling thick in the skies of New York, Wasp is actually being useful and flying the Quinjet rather skillfully and taking out some Scarabs in the process. We see more terrified civilians and crying kids running away and Hulk and Hawkeye (BFF) attacks in scarabs on the bridge. There is some great banter here. The remaining scarabs combine in a giant centipede monster thing (yeah, I know right!?). Which takes the combined might of Hawkeye, Hulk, Cap, Pissed off Giant Man and Thor to destroy. Janet jokingly points out the futility of what they are doing against and enemy this numerous. Stark still can't locate Kang, the enemy is everywhere, New York is burning around them. This is War. Cap looks across the rivers and tells us the same, and to win a war you need an army. Janet says she knows where to find one.

In prison 42 the Avengers walk in, we see all the Ultron jailer units creepily lined up. We have our army. Pym voices his concern, and I couldn't agree more this is a bad Bad BAD idea. but they have no other choice they need them to even up the odds. Pym alters the Ultron's programming to include the concept of violence, turning its eye and Kirby Krackle mouth red ( See BAD!) Stark still not able to find Kang is getting more and more frustrated. ( I bet he is thinking real hard about that emergency bottle of brandy in his desk right now )

"So Ultron . . . This is a good idea that won't backfire right?"

The overwhelming number of scarabs are starting to overcome even Thor and Hulk, but thankfully the Ultron swoop in to take some of the pressure off. Cap and others arrive back on the scene finally seem to be making a dent in the scarabs. Wasp and Hank are still in the Quinjet playing independence day with one of Kang's disks. The Quinjet gets destroyed by the Pyms shrink down small enough to infiltrate the ship. Hank exposits that the ships must have a temporal stasis device that allows them to remain in out time, and if we can destroy it the ship might return to it's own time. Jan decides to blast it now, regardless of what kinda exotic particles or funny radiation that might leak out or the fact they are still ON THE SHIP! Luckily the ship jut poofs away with no ill effects, I'm just saying someone should have a talk with her is all.

Armed with this information the other Avengers and Ultrons start boarding the ships and destroying the time consoles. But there are still hundreds of ship all over the Earth, but the battle for New York is over. Stark still frustrated and punches his really expensive table and has a revalation, Kang isn't on Earth, but above it and begins scanning high orbit and sure enough there is it, Kang's command ship, the Damocles.

I really like the Hulk Hawkeye relationship that is being developed here. They have a great banter and dynamic. It's a surprising duo that I never would have predicted.

Tune in next time for the shocking conclusion.

Check Your References:
1. They kinda look like they could be from Gurren Lagann.
2. The contest between Hulk and Thor is kinda like Legolas and Gimli
3. The coming Onslaught? maybe it was just a throw away word or a reference the 90's storyline leading into the Heroes Reborn universe or again it could be me reading way too much into this.
4. That's Black Knight on the horse.

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