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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 12 Gamma World Part 1

This is episode was originally aired alongside part two as a double feature, but for re runs and pretty much every other showing will be split up into two regular episodes so I've decided to split it up similarly into two posts

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Original Air Date: 26/11/2010 Production Code:012

Writer: Michael Ryan
Directors: Vinton Heuck and Sebastian Montes

"Please Produce these Jackets, I will by 50"

Titles Assembled: Captain America, Giant Man, Iron Man, Wasp, Thor and Black Panther

The Gamma part of the title is a clear reference to Hulk, it may also reference a post apocalyptic D&D game, and recently (2007-2008) spinning out of World War Hulk story line, was the  World War Hulk Aftersmash - Warbound  By the esteemed Greg Pak. Which involved the Leader creating a dome or Gamma energy similar to what he does here calling it Gammaworld.

We start off with the Avengers chasing a shadowy figure across the rooftops, except Panther who decides to run along a wall like Spiderman just because he can and is awesome . . . Meanwhile Cap is chasing the figure on his motorcycle . . . on the roof tops. While somewhat silly I can give this more a pass than Panther, there are three members of the team who can fly, one can grow giant size or the Quinjet could have just dropped it on the roof for him, also any chance for them to go all Ultimate Cap I guess.

"Just because I can"

We see the figure leap across the rooftops, if you are quick and have been paying attention you will realise they are chasing Clint "Hawkeye" Barton. He is also giving the the whole team a good run for their money. He gets the drop on Janet and then we have a Mexican stand off. A spot light from an aircraft overhead lights up the area, giving Hawkeye the chance to escape, even the Panther was standing right beside him and he got away, He is that good.

The craft is revealed to be Shield with Clay Quartermain in command, Iron Man starts to chew him out for letting Hawkeye escape. Quartermain says he needs the Avengers Help and Hawkeye doesn't matter, this is bigger than that.

"Quick Avengers! I need people who are expendable"

So we all jet off over the desert, Iron Man is grumbling to Quartermain about this, and Quartermain isn't giving up any information. Then we see it, The Cube inside a giant green energy dome. Iron Man scans it revealing its pure Gamma radiation and drops a throw away line explaining while Hank isn't there.

Doc Samson is there too it seems, and wants to know where Bruce Banner is thinking he was on the team. Cap is once again marveled by the modern age of green hair . . .

"Cap is missing Record Players"

Agent Quartermain shows us a video of what happened to the first team of agents that went in to secure the cube. They were quickly dispatched by Emil Blonksy, The Abomination. We get a nice picture of him with some date read outs, Apparently he has no hair at all, and could loose a pound or two. Samson gives us the low down Abonimation, but its worse than that.

Turns out the energy done will change anything it touches into a Gamma powered beast, as demonstrated by the three Shield agents standing next to it when it went off1. Cap still looks grumpy. To make it worse its expanding, it will hit its first population centre in six hours, and major city in eight. So I guess we are on the clock people!

"Like kittens, world peace and walks along the beach"

Samson goes onto tell us about the Leader, As strong as the Hulk but evil and intelligent. Quartermain says he is inside with a whole group of Gamma villains and drops some names Absorbing Man, Zzzax etc. Quartermain wants to Avengers to go into the Cube and stop this. Probably because he wont have to fill out insurance paper work of they die like he does with his own people.

Now we have a slightly inappropriate shot of Black Widow meeting with her Hydra handlers. Who was in fact being watched by Hawkeye ( I Guess that explains the camera angle ). Hawkeye beeches the door, and props to Hydra goon ( whose uniform is pretty awesome I want a toy of that) he actually tries to radio it in before he is dropped. We see Hydra building some robot guys, but I feel i should recognise but couldn't really get a clear shot, then Clint starts blowing stuff up.

"I wouldn't wear it, but it looks good on you"

Back in the desert the dome is still expanding, Janet asked the question of how will they get in without being Gamma irradiated. Samson explains he has these convenient radiation suits. They haven't tested them but they will probably will work . . . Thor declines assuming he is immune to Gamma Irradiation, Clearly he hasn't read Hulked-Out Heroes: Thor. Iron Man also declines, modifying his armour so its lights glow green signifying Gamma immunity. The rest suit up and we are ready to go.

The Avengers, and a groups of  cannon fodder  Shield Agents stand ready to enter. Cap delivers and awesome Cap line and they are off. Once inside the done everything has a green tinge and a wasteland tinge. Also communications can't penetrate the dome so they are on their own.

"Fallout: New Avengers"

The three Shield agents we saw get irradiated appear, and a pretty awesome fight ensues. Samson shows off his newly augmented strength. Panther gets pummels a bit ^_^, Thor gets annoyed an Iron Man shows off cool hip electro shock plates that we will probably never see again. Thor reflects on how these are but pale reflections of the Hulk is his best Asgardian fashion.

Samson determines that once the people are moved outside the Gamma dome they should revert back to normal. Samson starts talking and I realise whose voice that is! "LIQUID SNAKE!" They determine is probably a trap and Thor should go in first.

"This is how we did it in '42 son"

Back to Black Widow who is in her evil Russian accent again. She is delivering the Hulk's blood to Madame Hydra for Von Strucker, and Hawkeye blows up more stuff. He makes a great big pile of Hydra goon and stands on them ( kinda creepy Clint ) before getting blind sided by Widow.

Back in the cube, the cannon fodder is going down horror movie style into the green mist. Its messing with Iron Man's sensors and he can't lock down any of the contacts. Quartermain drops another name, the U-Foes2 which is nice cause It would have taken me about twenty minutes of googling to find out, and probably would have had to retype a lot, due to my limited Hulk knowledge.

"Seriously Clint?! What the F?!"

Turns out Samson had devices to drain Gamma powers, which the Leader has corrupted and used to enhance everyone's power level. Vector is delivering a perfectly good super villain speech when Panther just appears and kicks him in the back. This is a guy who was so powerful he warped the structure of reality itself and flayed the Hulk alive! What makes it worse, is that Vector actually goes down . . .

The rest of the Avengers inspired by Panther's amazingness . . . break free of their respective foes. Panther then starts giving orders . . . Thor epically takes out Zzzax. Vector laughs and says they are not trying to defeat them, only delay them until their Gamma protection fails. With that Janet mutates into a Wasp like creature instead of just going green, which I guess might be plausible depending where her powers come from in this universe3.

"Eeew, just eew"

Now we see the Leader in his control room, with his super villain standard giant TV screen wall. He says stuff, but its doesn't matter cause its Jeffrey Combs voice saying it. He also has the ability to mentally control any of the Gamma irradiated people with his Gamma headband device. Which he uses to send the Wasp after  her allies.

Thor tries to appeal to her, and it seems to work for a moment, There they go hinting at Jan/Thor romance again. The  cannon fodder  Shield Agents who accompanied the team are now Gamma mutant zombie things and are lumbering at the Avengers. Iron Man is giving orders when Panther just decides to run off, cause you know he is better and Iron Man's stupid plans ( He is only like one of the seven smartest people on the planet) leaving just Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Samson.

"Telepathic Headbands: Get yours now while stocks last"

The U-Foes and Zzzax are now regrouping, threatening to over run what's left of the team on sheer numbers alone. Iron Man says they have to go for generator, and they have to go fast. Thor blasts the roof in an attempt to prevent them following.

Back in Widow versus Hawkeye, Clint's running away skill seems more than a match for Widows kicking his ass skill. That is until he knocks off her Widow's bite bracelet things and hits her with a "Tie you up and pin you to a shipping crate" arrow™. With that he cuts her down and tells her since he cant take her to Shield he will take her to the Avengers.

"Okay Clint now I'm starting to worry"

Back in the Cube, Zzzax compromises Cap and Iron Man's radiation suits, Just Thor and Samson are left to find the generator. They find the generator but its guarded by a Gamma powered Wrecking Crew, and as you all remember they have quiet the grudge again's the Odinson.

The first volley destroys Samson's suit, but he doesn't change. His previous irradiation must have made him immune to what the Leader is doing, as well as giving him the funky hair. Thor goes down hard. But look its the Panther who arrives out of no where and throws his magic energy knives into the generator making it explode.

"Hi Thor, Isn't continuity just a bitch?"

With the generator down, the done disappears and everyone reverts to their pre-dome forms. Panther plains states he couldn't get to the generator while the Wrecking Crew guarded it. So he had no problem waiting until he friends showed up so they could distract them by being murdered . . . youre a class act T'Challa.

Shield rounds everyone up, puts the villains in custody, but they couldn't find the Leader. Turns out he escaped along with Absorbing Man and Abomination. He reveals the Cube was a test run. Now they are ready for a full scale demonstration, he presses a button and a dome appears over the city in the distance . . .

"Just when you think its all over"

Check Your References:

1. Of the three shield agents, one changed into something like the Harpy, the Gamma form of Betty Ross Banner or Marlo Chandler (Mrs Rick Jones), Another agent turned into a grey version of the Hulk, various forms of the Hulk Ultimate, Mr Fixit have been this colour.
2. Think of them as an evil Gamma powered Fantastic Four, that's essentially what they are.
3. Ultimate Janet Van Dyne's power were mutant in origin so that might explain why she changed into a Wasp like creature . . .

I liked it a very fun episode, lost of action and great visuals. The Warbound series I mentioned at the start seemingly hasn't been collected in trade :( which is sad cause I enjoyed it as much as the series it spun out of if not more so. If you get the chance you should pick it up if you can.

Also the voice work is great Cam Clarke and Jeffrey Combs just perfect. Makes me want to go play Metal Gear now. In fact I think I will so until then see you next blog.

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  1. Those machines that HYDRA is building are the Dreadnoughts from "Iron Man is Born!". I hope we see them in action again. :D