Saturday, July 31, 2010

The new Karate Kid

First of all I must forewarn you that the new Karate Kid movie contains 0% Karate, well there is one scene where there is Karate on a TV in the background. It's all Kung Fu this time around.

The story follows young Dre (Jaden Smith) who relocated to China when his mother is transfered to Beijing. While trying to cope with his new life, the local Kung Fu Prodigy school bullies he meets un-assuming handyman Mr Han (Jackie Chan) then eventually becomes his Sifu and teaches him the ways of Kung Fu as thought to his by his father.

 There are lots of nods to the original Karate Kid movies, but all in all this remake is it's own movie and can stand alone. You could comfortably see it without even knowing there was something similiar back in the 80's and 1994. So its not relying on the seeing it only for nostalgia dollar and can introduce a whole new generation to this story.

Its a great movie to enjoy for the grown ups and the kids, although some of the fights were surprisingly brutal for 12-years old. Some of the more vicious impacts were cut away but still maybe not for the more faint of heart.

Some of the kids seemed a bit too good for just normal school kids who go to Kung Fu class after school, granted I haven't personally fought a bunch of Kung Fu Trained 12 year olds, but then again they had to go toe to toe with Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan, this is the best I've seen him in years,  this is the kind role he needs to be playing now that he is too old to be the young hero. The old master who can defeat all comers without breaking a sweat. He isn't quite there yet but in about 5 years, and a little more grey in his hair, he will be the perfect choice. Although one this I must mention for any Chan Fans out there, There is no ladder based fighting from Jackie (Maybe there will be extended scenes on the BLU-Ray, cause I did see a ladder in the background and was almost cheering him on to pick it up.)

"I'm not this young any more"

It's really young Jaden that really carries this movie. He even has first name billing which was kinda surprising Chan didn't get. Definitely no need for a paternity test here, this kid really is Will Smith's son, trust when you watch it you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. His Kung Fu is also pretty convincing much more believable than Ralph Macchio was, but I don't think they'd be as concerned with realistic training back in '84

"I'm still this young."

I'm sure there will be a sequel if not sequels, Jaden is the perfect age to watch him grow up through these movies.

Definately worth seeing, so go see it now! Thanks for reading See you next Post!

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