Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I just realised that after updating to iOS4 all images in my Camera Roll are gone! Ones I has in folders are fine, it was just the ones in Camera Roll! All my personal images gone. I still have the pictures I took of my Gundam Unicorn Model, for all that's worth!

Thought they were safe syncing them with my PC via iTunes, didn't think i'd need to back up the back up!

So anyway take heed before you update!

EDIT: Well apparently iTunes no longer keeps multiple backups! it used to but they took that functionality out, I guess they thought there software so infallible it wouldn't be needed right? I mean any software that offers back-up and restore functionality should keep multiple back up as default, for all the negligible space an iPhone backup file would take in this day and age of cheap storage its just down right appalling!

my grammar and spelling are probably atrocious in this post, but I cannot help that for it is fuelled by rage at finding no chance of restoring the old pics, since the most recent back up was of the newly updated iPhone sans my "precious memories" on the Camera Roll.

I know teething problems happen, and no long term harm is done, just would have liked a warning.

So prepare yourself if you haven't updated yet.

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