Thursday, September 16, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 7 Decepticon Snap Trap/ Turlter

According to his Bio Snap Trap is cold hearted, methodical killing machine of destruction. His Japanese equivalent Turtler is just as tough, He does like looking like monster and takes out his frustration on who ever is nearby, Be it enemy or his own Seacons. Which in Japan isnt too bad since the Seacons are mass-produced drones. Turtler is the only member of the Seacons with sentience. The rest of the Seacons only exist to server Turtler and combine with him to form King Posiedon.

Cant Argue with this Beast Mode, Giant Turtle with artillery cannons, Giant blaster rifle on his back, Great gaping Maw! his stickers are pretty nice too.

"He's  a frickin' Artillery Turtle what more do you need to say!"

Bot Mode is also very impressive, only let down is the dangley turtle leg kibble on his back. Initially I thought the shield thing was silly and didn't like it. but after some tinkering with it I've grown to like it. He can wield his sword and rifle very well and looks great doing it.


He just looks great on his own or with his Seacons.

"To me my Seacons!"

He is a great figure, definately worthy of being the commander of the Seacons. Only negative is the little bit of back kibble.

Up next the conclusion of "Seacon September" The Ultimate Warrior of Destruction (well one of them . . .) The combined might of all the Seacons the Almighty Piranacon/King Poseidon!

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