Thursday, September 2, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 1

The year was 1987, a monsters rose from the depths to counter the Autobots, vile abominations of gentle sea creatures. But whats worse these monsters can combine to for the unstoppable force of nature King Poseidon (Piranacon) Now in the year 2010 the fearsome beasts re-emerge . . .

Well that was dramatic, really could have done with a Star Wars scrolling thing, anyway Piranacon reissue, Although to me he is King Poseidon. King Poseidon is of course the Japanese version of the character as seen in Masterforce. Thats where I first encountered him, but also this set is closer to the original Japanese gift set than the American/European release since all six are included instead of five (minus Nautilator). The Main difference fiction wise is in Japanese continuity only Turtler/(Snap Trap) is sentient with the rest of the seacons being mass produced drones that combine with him( Now that I mention it, he was the original Power Core Combiner). But in American continuity the limbs were sentient and has personalities like all the other combiner teams.

You get quiet alot bang for your buck here. All the limbs, have Beast Mode, Robot Mode, Limb Mode and a Target Master Mode! Turtler(Snap Trap) has Beast Mode, Robot Mode and Torse Mode. Since its Scramble City style each limb bot can be any limb or Piranacon's Target Master. So thats about one hundred and forty yes 140! different combinations from just this set.

Apart from slight colour changes they are identical to the 1987 release. The Beast Modes are great, The Combined mode is great, The Target Master and Robot modes well your mileage may vary on those.
I'll go through each bot individually, discuss each mode and there pros and cons. Finally finish up with the combined mode.

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