Monday, September 13, 2010

G1 Seacons Reissue Part 6 Seawing/Kraken


According to his bio He is the John Woo style action deception, stealthy sub-aqua and super-aqua scout with his own machinations for power, and I may love him for it.

His Beast Mode is a Manta ray with optional legs. You can extend his legs for when walking on land, or fold them back so he can fly through the sky, through the waves and under the sea. Personally I like to display him in "flying mode" on  the target master stand that comes with him. Like he is just hovering there in the background waiting to attack.

"Why yes I do have legs, but I'm just awesome enough not to need them."

His bot mode is pretty cool, I must say when is first got these guys he was kinda forgettable, but after playing with him I've really grown fond of him. Only real negative is his giant tail on his back makes him a little unbalanced at times. but apart from that he is the only bot mode "drone/limb" Seacon that actually has legs, and they have hip articulation to boot! He has is awesome wings, and his cool duel wield guns. What I really like are his awesome yellow shades (camera didn't pick it up too well I'm afraid.)

"Do ya feel lucky?"

Target Master Mode is my favourite of all Target Master Modes. The way the weapons just fit so snugly(sp) into the front section. His forward facing head (unlike most his brethren) his tail give this mode a nice stock. even his wings can be positioned at different angles for different effects.

"Was that five shots? or maybe six?"

As a limb his leg mode is bulky and not nice. stable but I just don't like it. Where as arm mode I like, tail makes a great shoulder and his wings make for pretty intimidating arm decorations.

He took me a while to get a feeling for but now I love him. One point I need to mention his Beast Mode face is snickered on. With the way the wings fold down you run the risk of scrapping off the stickers. so be careful! I may need to get an army of this guy and place him in hidden locations about the house to spy on things.

Okay thats this guy done. Next up The big man, the Seacon commander, the one, the only, the dark and viscous Decepticon Snap Trap/Turtler!

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