Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That Old Skyrim Feeling

The worth of any creative endeavour can be summed up in “Did it make you feel anything?” Whether you loved it or hated it, the evocation of that feeling is the goal of the creators. So here are a few of the emotional highs that have stuck with me in a post Skyrim universe.

In Skyrim I was never one to take companions along with me, the reasons were well I was the Dragonborn, the Dovahkiin a mortal with the blood of Akatosh flowing through me, a master of the Thu’um, I didn’t need a normal person to help me on this is journey. My character was a Khajiit, an outsider to Skyrim so it felt more natural that he wouldn’t take people along with him. Another reason is gameplay, they get in the way when you try to stealth, or get in the way of your magic blasts, which leads to the third reason here is a very real danger of them dying, and Skyrim Rigas did not want that on his kitty conscience. I am telling you this because three of the four tales you will hear are related to the few times I was involved with a companion.

I was wandering east of Dragon Bridge, probably picking flowers or somet other equally bad ass and dragonborn destined type activity. When I found an empty shack with a dead Nord in the bed, poor guy died of old age and in his diary he talks about Meeko and hopes he will be okay. I assumed it was his son or something and moved on leaving him in peace. Not too far away from the shack, when I was back on the road this dog ran up to me. It was of course Meeko. One of the options was something like “Sure why don’t you come with me for a while.” I mean how could I not! Damn you Skyrim pulling on my heart strings. If I didn’t find the shack with that diary entry I probably would have hurled a fireball at the dog coming running at me without even thinking. So Meeko and Rigas had some adventures, we slew bandits, cleared out the Frostflow Light house of a nasty Chaurus infestation. We even killed a dragon or two.


But then one day we were fighting our way through a Forsworn camp, and somehow poor Meeko fell, (obviously I know it was one of my attacks that hit when I couldn't see him ). When the entire camp was sorted I looked around for my companion he was nowhere to be seen. So I went and looked around thinking he got stuck on some scenery, but alas I found his corpse and I felt sad, then I felt angry, then I slaughtered every single Forsworn I could find as bloody retribution to my fallen comrade to blaze a trail for him into the halls of Sovengarde. I mourned my friend and remembered why I don’t bring companions on my journeys.

The next encounter was during the Theives guild quest line, during one mission you are forced to use Mercer Frey as a companion. So we were cutting our way through the undead, he was kinda cool he had a magic sword that sets Draugr on fire like I did. I started to think hope he is available as a companion when this quest line is over. But what happens? turns out he is a traitor and I ended having to kill him. Le sigh.

"Sure I have your best interests at heart."

In Skyrim there are sixteen Deadric Prince, the equivalent of dark gods. Each has a quest that gives you a daedric artefact. I was going through this quest line. About halfway through I started the Azura quest to cleanse her soul gem that had been stolen by someone. Anyway long story short I fix the gem and bring it back to her. Then Azura says thanks, gives me a reward and says she will disappear from the world for a while. leaving her most devoted acolyte, Aranea Ienith,  who was tending her temple all her life. when you talk to her she asks what will she do now, her god has abandoned her. Being my fault, even though I was helping her out. I felt guilty so I couldn’t just leave her up here on this lonely mountain to I tell her to come with me while I finish up the rest of the Daedric artifact quests. But when I was done I felt bad dismissing her. So in my current save file I have her as a companion.

"Take me with you, I'm small an don't eat much."

When I completed the main quest, I was over level 50, wielded a sword and shield given to me by god like beings. I was a walking demi-god capable of cutting my way through any opposing army. So Alduin the World Eater went down in an easy and kinda anti-climactic way. So when the mission was over and I left the realm of Sovengarde (after splitting some mead with Meeko of course) I was greeted by Paarthurnax, the dragon who rebelled against his brothers and helped mortals master the Thu’um. When I was standing there talking to him. I glanced left, Dragon. I glanced right, Dragon. I looked up, many flying dragon. Behind me even more dragons. So my mind went to oh shiz Skyrim! did you just fake me out and are going to force me to slice through twenty dragons and have to kill my dragon mentor! So as the dialogue continued I steeled myself for the onslaught that never came. I breathed a sigh of relieve as my friend took flight with the rest of the draconic horde and left the lands of Skyrim.

"Dragon to right of them, Dragon to left of them, Dragon in front of them. Volley'd and Thunder'd"

So that was a couple of my high points in Skyrim, there are of course many many more, like the time I Fus Ro Dah’d that Draugr and he landed perfectly back in his crypt but if I told you all those stories this post would never end. But next time we share split some Moon Sugar around a camp fire besure to ask me, and I will regale you with takes of Khajiit adventure. Until then stay Safe and watch out for Dragons.

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